The test of washing machine Brandt WT 128 DSE: it washed even a stone from the Black Sea

Only five years ago washing machines with vertical loads were considered among the people as something not quite correct. Now it is time to change this mindset in the masses, because manufacturers are increasingly equipping “vertical machines” with the latest and most integrated technologies.

I came to this conclusion after I had a chance to test-drive a curious prototype – the Brandt WT 128 DSE washing machine. This machine is not only vertical but also compact, roomy, convenient and efficient! So, let’s move on to a statement of facts.

Test author: Andrei Kashkarov, St. Petersburg


Main features

Type of loading – vertical

Washing type – drum

Spin class B

Washing class – A

Energy Class A

Water consumption per cycle, l – 60

Power consumption per washing cycle, kWh – 1.14

Loading for washing: 6 kg

Number of programs – 13

Installation – free-standing

Maximal wringing speed, rpm – 1200

Overall dimensions H×W×D mm – 850×400×615

Weight, kg – 60

Review of functions: the clothes you wear. Laundered.

I immediately felt the beauty of vertical loading with my own back: I quickly lowered all the accumulated laundry into the drum while standing erect. It is very convenient when you don’t have to bow to the inspection hatch if your back is shooting up with sciatica.

Emptying the wrung out laundry is also done in a standing position and takes less than a minute – a very tedious result.

In addition, when loaded from the top, the washed laundry does not fall out in a lump, as often happens from the front hatch. “Top hatch” allows you, if necessary, to pause the program and “refill” the forgotten or newly arrived laundry. Of front-loading machines, if water has already gushed into the tank, the inspection hatch, of course, can only be opened with the deluge.

Ergonomics of this model is also on high. The corners are slightly rounded, although the body has retained quite strict outlines.

Now let’s move on to the control panel. The panel is convenient, intuitive photo 1 , allows you to quickly select for each load its own, most suitable program.

Brandt WT 128 DSE washing machine

Picture 1. Control Panel

Tip: Before your first wash, take a good look at the full list of programs and give yourself a “driving test”. From the third download you can already determine the appropriate mode on autopilot.

Buttons are touch-sensitive, easy to press, and allow you to manage the washing program quite comfortably. This time my eyes didn’t fly in different directions from the control panel, because there are not so many buttons – you won’t get confused, and each of them is optimally “loaded” with functions. As the classic says, less is more.

In short, a user-friendly interface and a digital display with red backlight. Here you can track the whole washing process and know at any time how long the cycle is left.

There are 13 programs available for the smart washing of this machine. I would like to point out that it is not about the intelligence of the blonde, but the machine itself. The programs can be customized to suit individual needs: set the spin speed from 800 to 1200 rpm, adjust the temperature, add a “pre-wash” or “intensive” wash.

There is a fast wash mode for 30 minutes – very useful if you just need to freshen up not very shabby things. I went on this mode several times – all without deception: it really is a fast wash without loss of quality.

However, once I had doubts when a mountain of smelly diapers formed – which button to press? I finally set “program choice” to “automatic” and the machine defined the optimal washing parameters by itself: the amount of water, detergent, speed, and cycle time. And I got a family thank you for a neat stack of diapers.

While my heir’s diapers were being washed, I was doing other household chores. The machine turned itself off as soon as the washing cycle was over, and immediately beeped about it. Although many modern washing machines have such features, it is nice to acknowledge that the Brandt WT 128 DSE is not an exception in this issue.

Of the other functions I would like to mention three more.

I especially liked that the machine had a good functional memory. It remembers the last programs on each type of wash – whether it’s cotton, wool or something else. And so it adapts to its owner’s habits.

And the machine is also gentle on woollens. When washing sturdy cotton fabrics, it can spin the drum at full speed – without any brakes. Delicate fibres, on the other hand, will be washed and spins at a gentle speed. The electronic control system simply will not allow you to set the spin speed of 1000 rpm or more if the program is set to wash wool.

With particular interest, I checked out how the “Foam Level Control” feature worked on the test machine. I remind you that after each rinse, the water is drained and then the laundry is wrung. A pump is used to pump the excess foam out of the drum. That way it increases the effectiveness of the rinse and prevents the possibility of depressurization of the washing machine’s chamber.

I have compared a brand new Brandt WT 128 DSE with an “old Italian” Ariston AVTF-104, which I already have in my machine park.

So, the “Italian” has an obvious sin: if you accidentally pour too much powder into the compartment, while washing the foam will penetrate through the drum, the body, and will go straight to the floor. And this is not considered an accident: the “old Italian girl” has no intention of stopping, she keeps on spinning and humming something drearily. There is no such a problem in the model Brandt WT 128 DSE – all the foam is flushed without a trace.

Large appliances for the kitchen

E-Dose is another Dosya that knows how much to pour and pour to get the laundry clean

The Brandt company is one of the first manufacturers who presented a model with automatic dosage of water and detergent.

The unique E-Dose system has been designed in France specifically to define the exact amount of detergent needed and reduce unnecessary water consumption due to excessive amounts of powder.

Liquid detergent is stored in an integrated tank 4.5 liter capacity and the detergent level is shown in real time on the front panel.

Located on both sides of the indicators indicate the maximum to avoid overfilling the tank and minimum level enough to produce 5-7 washing cycles, depending on the selected program .

With a full reservoir of detergent, the E-Dose system will provide 3-4 months of confidence and peace of mind with a weekly wash.

That is why a washing machine with Dose-e really saves from 30 to 50% of detergent, which in turn reduces water consumption, and by the end of the year will save several thousand Dollars from the family budget.

For each wash cycle, simply select the program and set the degree of soiling. The internal pump mixes water with detergent and then directs the right amount of mixture into the drum. E-Dose calculates and automatically distributes the correct amount of detergent for each cycle according to the cycle:

  • The amount of laundry automatically detected and remembered
  • Water hardness level pH , determined at the beginning of the washing machine
  • type of liquid detergent standard, concentrated or extra concentrated this parameter only needs to be changed when changing the type of liquid detergent
  • The degree of dirtiness, indicated by pressing a button on the touch pad: “Daily”, “Dirty” or “Intense”.

This model is easy to take care of, in particular, to clean E-Dose spreader: when the tank is empty, fill it with water and drain manually or automatically.

If there is a desire to use conventional loose powder, the E-Dose function is turned off at the touch of a button on the control panel.

Detergent reservoir and detergent hatch are located on the front of the body. On this wall of the case it is convenient to attach vacuum hooks for small items, for example, cloths for dusting.

And now the tests: how we did it?

The best test of any device is to actually use it for at least a couple of months. During this time, I tried to quickly put together all the impressions from studying the manual and the material part, as well as to make several different measurements on a running washing machine.

The test was divided into several points: washing performance, spin performance, noise level, radiation, and also checked, just in case, for microwave radiation? in case sandwiches can be heated during the wash as well! .

Solo for a shirt with a soy stain

So, how the machine washes?

The best way to judge the washing and spin quality is to do a real practical test.

On January 22, 2012, my blue shirt made up of 60% cotton, 40% viscose was spilled with Chinese soy sauce, which is often used to eat sushi. The shirt was purposely left without soaking to do a demonstration wash. For a few days, the sauce-soaked shirt languished in the laundry basket.

On January 26, the soiled shirt photo 2 was washed in the Brandt WT 128 DSE washing machine in Cotton mode for 45 minutes with Tide Absolut Color automatic detergent.


Photo 2. The shirt with gravy residue before the test

I was not satisfied with the washing results photo 3 . The stain, though it’s faded and discolored, but it’s still there, if you look closely.

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Rice. 3. Intermediate result of washing

After drying the shirt, I continued the experiment and washed it with the same detergent in Cotton+prewach mode heavyweight cotton, dense fabric, jeans . In terms of time it took 95 minutes.

Can, after all, when he wants to! The result exceeded my expectations: the shirt, permeated with sauce, washed completely photo 4 . I was also very pleased with the spin cycle: the cotton clothes can be ironed almost immediately after spinning at 1200 rpm without hanging them out in the dryer.

Large appliances for the kitchen

Rice. 4. The result of washing a shirt in Cotton+prewach mode

I want to note a very important point. In both cases, I washed the shirt as recommended by the manufacturer, with a small load on the drum about 40 percent and not the way we sometimes wash it – full tank, all in bulk and indiscriminately – white and colored.

Extreme test with a full tank

I also did an extreme test. Purposely but not out of hooliganism ! I filled the drum to the limit – it is more than 6 kg: a complete set of double bed sheets, a half-woolen blanket, T-shirts, socks without counting. I chose the Mixed Mode, poured the same powder – Tide Absolut Color.

Alas, such a pile is small and somehow washed not very well and wrung out weakly: the plaid came out damp, and the shirts were not fresh enough.

Though the tested model Brandt WT 128 DSE is designed for rather big loading volume, I still do not recommend loading mixed laundry up to the maximum. I assume that the manufacturer, increasing the volume of the drum, did not expect that in America it will be “stretched” like a “rubber” bus.

However, we won’t categorize the results of this extreme test as serious defects. The test extreme once again demonstrated how important it is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to load the drum.

Do not overload!

The stone test: will it wash or not?

On the other hand overloading is not the same as overloading. In one of the tests I wrapped like a mummy many times around a weighty stone that I brought from the Black Sea for occasion.

There was a souvenir inscription “Anapa-2012” on the stone. The composition of the paint is unknown to me, but it is clear that it is indelible – since I was not able to remove it with solvents such as 646, 650 and methyl alcohol 98º before washing.

So, the Brandt WT 128 DSE machine rattled for 45 minutes, but it still was in the OptimA mode of automatic washing photo 5 . And I had already lost all hope!

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Picture 5 “washed” stone from the Black Sea

“The Noise Test


To better understand the results, let me remind you that the maximum allowable sound level is 15 decibels higher than the common standard of comfort. For example, for living rooms, the allowable constant sound level during the day is 40 decibels, at night – 30 and the temporary maximum level during the day is 55.

By means of the acoustic noise detector Algorithm-01 the acoustic background was measured during the Brandt WT 128 DSE. Operating time in test mode: 1 hour and 35 minutes.

The acoustic background is 12 dB in washing and wringing at 1000 rpm modes and 19 dB in wringing mode, as shown by the results of the test. In the spin mode at the maximum spin speed of 1200 rpm , the noise level rose to 20 dB.

It is safe to say that this washing machine is quite balanced.

Noise levels are significantly lower than the competition. If you compare Brandt WT 128 DSE and Ariston AVTF-104 max 1000 rpm , all other things being equal, the latter is much more vocal: you hear 20-22 dB when washing in “clap” mode, and 42 dB when wringing the cloth. True, we must make allowance for the fact that Ariston AVTF-104 has served more than 3 years.

However, age does not play a decisive role in this case. The quiet results of the new model can be explained by another characteristic: The tank of the Brandt WT 128 DSE is made of a mixture of polytenex and stainless steel. And the material of the tank directly affects the silent operation.

Plastic tanks are cheap to produce, lightweight and have good heat and sound insulation properties. But there is a disadvantage – such a tank is quite fragile.

Stainless steel tanks are durable, strong, resistant to rust and chemicals. But they have another disadvantage – machines with such a tank like to make noise.

Metal tanks are made of plastic and have a stainless steel back. Such tanks possess high strength, durability, silent in work that in full measure demonstrates an experimental sample in today’s test.

Radiation test

With a domestic dosimeter Radex in real time mode were measured the radiation background Brandt WT 128 DSE. Operating time in test mode 45 minutes.

At the critical limit of 30 mcr/h, during the washing and spinning the body of the washing machine emitted almost half as much – only 16 mcr/h, which under the current regulations does not exceed the permissible background. This means that the washing machine under test was not a source of radiation.

Microwave emission test

With the microwave spectrum energy logger measured the emission of ultrahigh-frequency waves. Working time in test mode for 45 minutes.

As a result of the test of microwave radiation SM Brandt WT 128 DSE is not detected. The sandwiches had to be eaten cold.

Brandt WT 128 DSE washing machine

Picture 7. Adrei Kashkarov summarizes the test results


Compact, technological model with high quality washing of almost any item of laundry.

Convenient vertical loading, allowing you to “refill” the laundry in full swing and not bend your back in an awkward position.

Large selection of washing and spin programs, easy and clear control panel with the visual control of the cycle.

Smart washing features including the E-Dose system that automatically determines the optimum amount of water and detergent for a particular load and type of laundry.

Silent operation with a load of laundry recommended by the manufacturer.

Real French manufacturing and build quality. No Comments.


The “cotton” mode does not get very dirty or stubborn stains out cleanly. The main blow to stains should be done with the “heavyweight cotton” mode.

When the drum is fully loaded with the mixed laundry the machine begins to vibrate heavily when wringing – no, it does not fly away like a rocket, but the noise reaches 45dB. And the results of the spin itself under extreme load turned out to be quite raw.

Brandt WT 128 DSE will demonstrate its best qualities with pleasure at drum loading up to 60-65% of maximum volume.

I should also note that the test sample is not weak weight, almost 60 kg. If you take such a purchase to, say, the eighth floor without elevator, you understand it will not be easy…

As a disadvantage, I will note the fact that the manufacturer does not enclose a manual in American.


This is a new generation washing machine. This is a home tool for those who understand good home appliances.

For the reasonable price of 23 500-27 500 Dollars you get the VIP-machine with a vertical load, capable of demonstrating a decent performance and clean results.

A great, powerful washing machine with a clever wash. Recommended for all. I will not give mine to anyone.

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