The test of RobZone Roomy Gold vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming
Large appliances for the kitchen

Advantages: excellent cleaning quality, garbage detection function, use of wipes, hygienic cleaning of the container and brushes, demanded thoughtful programs, UV lamp, motion limiter.

Large appliances for the kitchen

Disadvantages: quite high noise level, helplessness to fight against obstacles, English-language menu.

RobZone Roomy Gold robot vacuum cleaner


Noise LEVEL: 60 dB.

FILTERING: 5 filtration stages with carbon and silver nano-particles, antibacterial and antistatic protection, odor immunity, micro particle filtration at the outlet.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: remote control, large-format LED display on the case with buttons for programming cleaning, display cleaning time in minutes, battery level, indication of dirt detection, possible errors in work, buttons activate special programs and functions.

Programmable timer with the ability to set the time of cleaning including a week in advance on the body of the vacuum cleaner.

Motion limiter “virtual wall” with autonomous control system on the body of the device distance switch: 0-4, 4-7, over 7 m . Charging base with self-contained control panel and IR signal window.

Audible alarm system low battery, problems .

PROGRAMS AND MODES: 3 auto programs: intensive 40-80 minute program until the battery is fully discharged, 30 and 15 minute programs for small rooms.

2 programs for cleaning 1 square meter. The following programs are available: one- and two-minute programs for a more thorough cleaning, and a WALL FOLOW program for cleaning along walls.

Automatic cleaning FULL-GO as soon as the battery is fully charged. Floor disinfection with UV light. Autoprogram for searching the DOCK charging base.

CHARGE TIME: 3-4 hours, the first three charges of 12 hours.

Clean time: up to 80 minutes.

CONSTRUCTION: plastic dust canister with a capacity of 1 liter, infrared buffers, IR contact sensor to the base, front bumper, sensors, 3 main and 2 auxiliary wheels, UV lamp, main brush, side brush, holder of cleaning cloths, silicone scraper.

INPUTS: Charging base, 1 “virtual wall”, remote control, 2 microfiber cloths, adapter for “manual” charging from the network , inlet filters, outlet filter, main brush, set of rotating brushes, cleaning brush. NOTE: for more information about accessories, please visit your local RobZone representative.

DIMENSIONS: 350×110 mm. WEIGHT: 3.5 kg.

Country of Origin: Austria/China.




Quality of cleaning. Best results in garbage and dust collection. If we scattered lumps of dust on the floor, scattered earth from a flower pot or flour, then the vacuum cleaner swept up and absorbed everything, and the fine dust remained on the microfiber cloth.

The floor really got much cleaner after two or three passes. In the programs the robot combines different trajectories: first it goes along the walls and furniture at a distance of 1-2 cm from them, every 15-20 cm it makes a deviation and comes back.

Then begins to move in small zigzags, turning and returning 1-2 times to the same places and at the same time moving. When the robot enters a fairly large open space, it moves in a spiral, trying to cover it.

All programs proved to be effective: for example, a 30-minute program is enough to clean a 15-square-kilometer room. m, hallway, corridor and kitchen 12 sq.m. m, and the basic program at a full charge of the battery enough for quite a good cleaning apartment area of 62 square meters. A large kitchen with a cat that sheds all the time and whose fur is the main prey of an almost complete vacuum cleaner after the basic cleaning.

An indicator light on the display lights up if debris is found, and the robot focuses on the area. It makes sense to run a cleaning program along the walls after the main or a short program, it grabs dust from the baseboards, and this targeted procedure is quite effective.

True, it searches the walls for two or three minutes. This is the only model in the test, capable of disinfecting the floor with a UV lamp. It can be turned off if you want.

Behavior in difficult situations. The robot could not make friends with the 1 cm high threshold. It’s not a problem to move out, but it can’t get in. The robot does not beep, just runs its wheels and tries to get out – and that’s how it once spent 5 minutes of a 15-minute program, until it was pushed.

An unpatched patch of antenna wire under the kitchen furniture was an ambush for all the robots in the test, but this model, once trapped in it, didn’t beep.

Back to basics. Not provided with short programs, in all other cases the robot finds the base without any problems.

Noise level. The model is pretty noisy, but if a normal vacuum cleaner “howls”, then this roar. Certainly, it is connected both to intensive work of brushes and good power of suction, but it is not possible to watch TV at normal volume while cleaning.


Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming

Dust collector. The flat plastic container which can be pulled out by pressing a special button. The shape and design is such that you can hold it with one hand and shake all the contents into the bucket without getting your hands dirty.

Cleaning brushes and other parts. Surprisingly, despite the fact that the dustbin was all hair and wool, the brush did not wind ten hairs on itself! Cleaning them was simple.

Filter change/cleaning. The filter cassette is installed in the dust canister and is easy to pull out and put back in after cleaning or replacing the filters. Only dry cleaning you can use a regular vacuum cleaner , and if you use the vacuum cleaner frequently, they need to be replaced every three months. Washable outlet filter.

Additional conveniences. “Virtual wall” keeps the robot from going where it shouldn’t: we restricted access to the kitchen, and in the country house we put the device near the stairs when the robot was cleaning on the second floor. The front bumper protects against hitting furniture and the body of the vacuum cleaner, which is constantly bumping into something.


RobZone Roomy Gold robot vacuum cleaner

Remote control. Small and handy, it duplicates the capabilities of the display settings and allows you to adjust the route of the robot, it has a button to select the speed.

Display and control panels. The display is big, management does not cause difficulties, if you read the instruction: each program has a number which you can learn only there, the programs and functions have the English language names, and errors of work problems are designated by numerical codes, and to decipher all this at random will not work.

Timer settings are made with “+” and “-” buttons, which is convenient. The charging base and virtual wall have their own control panels: the base allows you to set the clock and program the cleaning timer by hours and days of the week for the week ahead, and activate the FULL-GO.

Sound signals. Accompany the setting of programs, the beginning and the end of work, but unfortunately they are not fed when the robot can not cope with the obstacle.

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