The test of Cuckoo CMC-M1051F: the new Cuckoo Girl is coming to us in spring!


Outstandingly well-thought-out construction and control, unique pan, outstanding results of cooking with or without pressure, versatility replaces many cooking utensils , safety, self-cleaning with steam.


The multicooker “speaks” only in American, although on the control panel we found out that in addition to American there are 6 more languages. These are the languages of the countries where Cuckoo multicookers are sold: Japan, USA and UK, Germany, Italy, France. That won’t stop most users from enjoying the Cuckoo wonder, though.


We already know by experience that it is a pleasure to test Korean Cuckoo multicookers. They are not only quickly and deliciously prepare a variety of dishes, but do not let get bored: complete voice accompaniment of all the action, even we, experienced “multicookers”, is perceived as a miracle, and a signature feature – “clucking” at the end of cooking – creates a great mood.

But the journalistic streak urges to find some flaws, to “catch” the device and the manufacturer. And this time, when we were invited to test our new product for Spring 2013 – model Cuckoo CMC-M1051F, we could not refuse ourselves such an innocent entertainment.


How does this model differ from Cuckoo SMS-M1055F?

More Affordable Price.

– Slightly less programs: no separate program for vegetables, rice, sushi, oatmeal.

– 3D heater is heated by shadow, self-adapting.



Control Panel for Cuckoo multicooker: South Korea.


: heating – 135 W, cooking – 1150 W.


from 0.1 to 78.4 KPa 0.8 kgf/cm2 .


: 5 L.


: 3D-heaters with self-adapting heaters, processor, removable protective inner lid screen of the multicooker, multilayer bowl with marble coating, XWall – exclusive Cuckoo technology, lid with safe closing lever, steam release valves, vaporizer, condensate collection container.


: voice guide gives voice instructions, warns of user errors overheat sensors lid closure indicator light on the control panel multi-circuit pressure control system voice warning when steam starts to be released automatic steam release. Braille dots on the “Boil”, “Cancel” buttons for the blind and visually impaired.


: pilaf, soup, stew, milk porridge, buckwheat, rice, baking.

Adjustable programs with adjustable times and temperatures

Steam Basket : Multicooker, Yogurt, Steam cooker, Roast, Manual mode, Steam cleaning sterilization .


: processor. 3D temperature control sensors, russified control panel, voice guide, digital display with backlight and indication of programs menu, clock, levels 1,2,3 and indicators °With of temperature, process timer, cooking, heating, preheating, ready , remaining cooking time, cooking under pressure and without pressure.

Buttons: cancel, start/turbo, preheat/heat, up/down select temperature level , right/left program selection , timer/reset. Delayed start timer with determinable end of cooking time up to 13 hours .


: 294x395x290 mm, cord length 1.4 m. WEIGHT : 6,9 kg.


2 years.

Small appliances for the kitchen

Cuckoo CMC-M1051F multicooker control panel

Tests Nos. 1 and 2

2 surprises: from the manufacturer and from the consumer

During the testing of the Cuckoo CMC-M1055F see. No. 14/2012-2013 – approx. In a recent editorial, Cuckoo representatives told us that you can bake bread in Cuckoo like you can bake in a bread maker: the baking program is so advanced, it’s the best way to bake bread in a bread maker, and it’s the best way to bake bread in a bread maker.

So we, without warning, brought the dough prepared at home for bread kneaded in a mixer with a bowl: 330 ml of water, 3 cups of 350 ml of flour, 3 tbsp. Spoonfuls of olive oil, 1.5 hours. spoonfuls of dry yeast, 2 h. Spoonfuls of salt, 2 tablespoons of soda, 2 tablespoons of tea, 2 tablespoons of coffee, 2 tablespoons of tea, 2 tablespoons of coffee. Spoonfuls of sugar, 1/6th of flour – rye .

The dough had time to rise on the way, we crimped it and decided to let it rise again. And here we use the automatic program Yogurt: its temperature is maintained at 37 ° C, which is ideal for the growth of microorganisms and fermentation, and not only when cooking yogurt, yogurt, yogurt, but also during the drying dough.

“Well, put the dough in the bowl,” we were told. We opened the multicooker in all Cuckoo devices this is done by turning a special handle on the lid , and there… was yogurt! A bowl of the freshest yogurt, made especially for our morning visit by our caring Korean friends.


Open the multicooker and there’s… Mmmm!!! Two liters of fresh yogurt can feed an entire office for breakfast!


Prepared yogurt mixed with jam: here’s a miracle! No preservatives, no dyes, no flavorings.

While we were enjoying literally – adding jam the yogurt and appreciating its consistency – not too thick, but not liquid either, surprisingly homogeneous and tender, the dough rose: it’s time to bake!


This is what our dough looked like when we put it in the bowl of the multicooker.


The dough rose at 37 degrees centigrade in the “Yogurt” program. Note that the yeast dough is very afraid of drafts, it needs a special microclimate, and the multicooker creates the ideal conditions for it.

For this purpose, you can use the customizable Multicooker program, which can completely replace the oven: bake, bake, tome. We set the temperature level – 2, cooking time – 40 minutes, no pressure. As the crust on the top of the bread in the multicooker turns pale, then after 40 minutes we had to turn the bread and finish baking for another 10-15 minutes.


The first 40 minutes of baking have passed, open the lid.

The result was surprising: the loaf turned out not only beautiful, but also evenly baked, with a moderately porous homogeneous crumb. By the way, to turn the bread was elementary, as the handles of the bowl can be taken without gloves, they are heated insignificantly.

Small appliances for the kitchen

Small appliances for the kitchen

The results of tests 1 and 2

The multicooker is able to qualitatively perform the functions of a yogurt maker, an oven and a bread maker. Of course, we have to knead the dough by ourselves, but probably every home has a mixer or a food processor. And the process of proving the dough and baking is taken care of by the appliance and copes with it



Test #3: Three Seconds

Opinions were divided: some people wanted pilaf, some wanted whole roasted meat. Since the pressure cooks very quickly in the multicooker, we decided not to choose, and did both. For the meat we had two pieces of pork ham, 500 grams each.

We cooked it on a “vegetable bed”: chopped onions, carrots, potatoes, put meat scattered with garlic and bay leaf on top, salted and peppered, chose the program Stew, high pressure and then we got ready… After only 40 minutes the voice assistant says it’s done. We couldn’t believe our eyes: in such a short time an ordinary meat from the supermarket became a tender baked delicacy, melting in the mouth!


Before Cooking. We just put the ingredients in a bowl.


Tender, juicy, melts in your mouth! Didn’t do anything, just pressed the button!

And we didn’t add a drop of water or oil: everything was cooked in its own juice. The aroma was so strong that the lovers of pilaf ran with their plates, but they had to wait for their order: it was ready in just half an hour.

For pilaf there is a special automatic program with the same name. Its special feature is that the temperature and pressure are adjusted by the multicooker itself in order to ensure that the pilaf has the right consistency. 500 g chicken, 1 onion, 2 carrots, 3 cups of rice and the same amount of water, a head of garlic, spices zira, barberry and 50 g oil made a wonderful pilaf.


Someone could make a diet pilaf, but we roasted the vegetables.

Small appliances for the kitchen

Who likes more crumbly rice – pour minimal water, less than 1 to 1. Cooking is under pressure, the water does not escape, but every drop is absorbed into the rice!

You can cook diet pilaf or soup without first roasting vegetables and meat, but we made the dish more fragrant, roasting these ingredients with the roasting program, which I want to mention especially. Not all devices “reach” the desired temperature level, which means that neither the desired color, nor aroma, much less crust, can be expected. With “cuckoo” frying is fast and of high quality, it indicates a high power.

You may ask why we had planned the second three as we had planned the meat and pilaf? Life made a few adjustments: The guests showed up unexpectedly and in slightly larger quantities than we could manage with our two dishes. Good thing we found manty in the freezer. Fifteen minutes in the adjustable steam program and nobody left offended: juicy, uncooked manty disappeared from the plates almost faster than we put them there!

Small appliances for the kitchen

This is what the grid for steaming looks like.


Before cooking: put the grill with the food in the bowl.


Bon appetit! The dumplings are ready!

Test result #3

Time taken: 40 minutes – whole roasted meat it could be less, the meat just melted, it would be enough and 30-35 minutes , 30 minutes – pilaf, 15 minutes – manti. We were able to cook three main courses in less than 1.5 hours. No stirring, no watching the steam or pressure – no user involvement once the lid is closed and the program is selected, DOES NOT REQUIRE.

The multicooker also works great as an oven, a “proper” cauldron for pilaf, and a steam cooker.


Bowl of a multicooker Cuckoo CMC-M1051F

Test #4: steam cleaning

Of course, after such a variety of uses, the multicooker needs to be cleaned well. There’s a simple, foolproof way to do this: the Steam Cleaner autoprogram. For 20 minutes, two steam releases occur, during which the valve is cleaned and the bowl and inner lid are sterilized.

All odors are eliminated: after all, it’s so important that after the garlic pilaf you can make delicate yogurt, bake muffins, cook soups again.

By the way, the steam cleaning function can be used to sterilize jars or baby bottles: quick, safe and reliable.

Small appliances for the kitchen


This multicooker has a steam release


Is done automatically: no need to touch and turn the valve. A voice assistant alerts you to the steam.


Small appliances for the kitchen

Container for condensate.

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