The test of ARNICA BORA 4000 vacuum cleaner: a real generalist of household cleaning

In my apartment was a lot of vacuum cleaners, good and different: for dry and wet cleaning, cyclones and with dust bags. And I, and members of my family have become very demanding to this technique: we need a vacuum cleaner that is good at removing dust and dirt, including the excellent cleaner from the carpet hair and fur the house is home to three ladies and a cat , that cleaning is easy to handle children, teenagers and, most importantly, did it with pleasure, not to have to run to the store for filters and bags and that with the garbage is not accidentally throw something useful.

I got a very interesting vacuum cleaner for my test. To tell you the truth, before I was not familiar with the products of the Turkish company SENUR and I’ve never heard about Arnica vacuum cleaners. The more interesting it was to see the vacuum cleaner in action.

Basic Characteristics


Vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning with aqua filter

FILTER: HEPA filter, aqua filter.

HANDS AND ACCESSORIES: Floor/mopper, round, small, for cleaning narrow gaps, turbo brush, nozzle holder, aromatic oil.

POWER: max 2400 W, mechanical power adjustment on the handle.

FEATURES: 6m cord length, auto winding, 86dB noise level.

SIZES: 47×33,5×30 cm. WEIGHT: 6,4 kg.

WARRANTY: 3 years.

BRAND: Turkey.


The Aquafilter is a pleasant surprise. I like vacuum cleaners with this kind of filtration for many reasons. One of them, and the most important one for me, is that it is easy to control the debris that got into the device. You have to agree, when you have two kids and a working mother, anything can end up on the floor.

There were moments in my life when I dug through a full dust bag and looked for a crystal chandelier pendant – not a pleasant thing to do! And most recently had to return to the service center vacuum cleaner-cyclone, which “choked” fallen behind the nightstand lipstick.

In appliances with aquafilter all garbage stays in water, and you can see if your cleaner “ate” something valuable.


ARNICA BORA 4000 is not very similar to the usual vacuum cleaners. The most interesting thing is the transparent body of the compartment with an aquafilter. During operation, you can watch the water splashing around inside the appliance. It’s quite a sight to behold.

In general, this vacuum cleaner consists of two parts: a small body with a motor, HEPA-filter and control panel and a compartment with an aquafilter in which water and detains all dirt. The compartment is very similar to the bucket used to clean the floor. It is equipped with a convenient handle, it is easy to take out, and the top is covered with a transparent lid.

To assemble and disassemble the vacuum cleaner is very simple: take out the water filter, pour 1 liter of water into the “bucket”, put the water filter, put the compartment in the right place and close the lid. Everything, the device is ready to work. After you finish cleaning, you take the “bucket” by the handle, take it to the bathroom, remove the lid, take out the aqua filter and pour dirty water into the toilet bowl. The whole operation takes about five minutes. Every time I am horrified by how dirty the water is and how much debris accumulates in a couple of days without cleaning.

ARNICA BORA 4000 Vacuum Cleaner - control

ARNICA BORA 4000 Cleaner - complete set

ARNICA BORA 4000 Vacuum Cleaner - hose



Very nice that the ARNICA BORA 4000 comes with a full arsenal of brushes. In addition to the standard one for the floor, there are small ones for cleaning furniture and narrow ones for cleaning slots. But the most important thing is that the set has a turbo brush, which allows you to easily clean carpets with high pile from the clogged debris. The advantages of turbo brush over a regular carpet brush, I especially felt when I saw that it got out of the depths of nap, hidden there after the New Year’s Eve fine raindrop.

And the usual brush after this holiday on the carpet more than a dozen times. Since many people pull the vacuum cleaner directly to the hose during cleaning, we should note that in this model it is very strong, reinforced and almost impossible to break it.

One more pleasant trifle – presence of a vial with aromatic liquid in the complete set. Put just a few drops in water and your room smells like roses when you clean it.


The water filter performs the main tasks. The air sucked from the vacuum goes into the water, all dirt and dust gets there, and the purified air goes into the HEPA filter which traps even the tiniest dust particles like bacteria and viruses.

It should be said that during cleaning with the help of vacuum cleaners with aquafilter the air in a room is not just the same as it was before cleaning – it becomes fresher. All owners of devices with aquafilters will gladly testify to this. And the ARNICA BORA 4000 confirms this rule. If you don’t add any aromatic oils to the water, you can already feel that you are breathing deeply and there is no dust around.

And if you add fragrance you can get even more interesting results: For example, your room will smell of eucalyptus if you add a few drops of decoction of these leaves in water, or rose oil if you use the liquid that is included in the kit.

HEPA-filter needs to be changed periodically, but its lifetime can be extended by washing it every 4-6 months and by pouring clean water into the tank each time before cleaning. The filters are available from your authorized distributor, service center and dealers.

ARNICA BORA 4000 Vacuum Cleaner - Carpet Test

ARNICA BORA 4000 vacuum cleaner - after the test


Cleaned with a turbo brush. In addition to cleaning the carpet of old junk, the appearance of the carpet has changed: the nap has moved up, it’s not “squished.

The turbo brush itself accumulates a lot of hair, even surprisingly! It seems like we should be bald because we lose so much hair every day. Cleaning the brush from all the debris was easier than I thought: you just need to use scissors or a knife, cut it and remove all the debris. Not a particularly pleasant task, but not very time-consuming, of course, provided you do it regularly, at least once after two or three cleanings.


To clean the floor hardwood and tile used a large brush included in the kit.

The suction power of the device is impressive: both large debris and fine dust – everything fell into the bowels of the device. The device has been able to pick up soil spilled by the cat from the flowerpot, crumbs in the kitchen, and dust on the couch with equal ease.

Vacuum cleaners


  1. It has two big wheels and it can be easily moved around without any effort at all when vacuuming.
  2. Corrugated reinforced hose and steel tube are robust and durable.
  3. Auto-winding power cord: it is nice to just press the button after cleaning – and the long cord obediently retracts into the bowels of the vacuum in just a couple of seconds.
  4. There is a plastic rim around the body of the device. It acts as a bumper, protecting the device from hitting the furniture.
  5. The brush holder is fixed on the tube. All nozzles are at hand, no need to search for and store them somewhere.
  6. The tube is fixed to the body of the device, so the compactness is ensured during storage of the vacuum cleaner.
  7. The steel telescopic tube, it is easy to change its length from 52 to 84 cm.


  1. There are no buttons to easily remove the nozzles from the tube, you just need to apply force.
  2. The device is big enough, but this is a characteristic of all devices with aquafilter.
  3. ARNICA BORA 4000 vacuum cleaner is not very widely presented in our country.
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