The Tefal Instant control steamer – easy and fast way to rid your home of creases

Tefal introduces a new category of products and offers a unique solution for the modern home: Instant Control series IS83 – the first steamer in the brand’s collection. This technical innovation quickly and easily removes creases and effortlessly freshens up all your clothes. A capricious linen pants, a delicate silk shirt, a luxurious cashmere coat or a scarf with an irresistible scent of perfume… InstantControl will give you the perfect, fresh look and feel!

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Get your clothes ready in five minutes before you go out – is that really possible?? Stubborn creases that won’t budge, delicate fabrics that need extreme care, or pants that need perfect arrows, no more hassle!

With up to 5 steam settings for each fabric type, it smoothes even the most naughty fabrics while the handy control panel on the handle and functional indicators make it easy and comfortable to use.

The XXL-sized metal nozzle easily manages all kinds of creases, and its tapered nozzle skilfully steams hard-to-reach areas. Powerful steam up to 35 g/min . brings your clothes to perfection in seconds and perfectly disinfects them without the need for special products.

The vertical ironing board is another Tefal Instant Control innovation which makes ironing as easy and safe as possible. Clothes are no longer held by hand – the appliance just clips onto the hangers and presses it onto the board.

The InstantControl steamer has a stylish and modern design in three versions: the flagship model in Cherry Ripe, the other two versions for summer, in the subtle Blue Lagoon and the more contrasting Ultramarine. The InstantControl is ideal for different materials and garments and comes with a cloth brush helps the steam penetration and is ideal for thick fabrics , an arrow shaping nozzle indispensable when steaming pants , a garment cleaning pad removes hair, down and pet hair and a glove for extra hand protection against steam.

There is no better way to match Tefal’s evaporator collection. Easy to use and incredibly advanced, the new Tefal Instant Continolt helps you quickly and safely iron and freshen up clothes for the whole family!

Price steamer Instant Controlot Tefal – 13 499 Dollars.

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Tefal – you can’t do without your ideas!

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