The SteelSeries Sensei Gaming Mouse: A gamer’s argument

SteelSeries products are considered some of the best peripherals in the gaming community. The Sensei wired mouse is not an exception, but rather a confirmation of this fact. Even though it was announced a few years ago, this model is still popular among gamers today. It is often contrasted with new products with the context that a better mouse than Sensei has not yet been invented. Let’s find out if this is true.

Computers and peripherals

The package

That’s easy. In the box there is only a mouse and manual. Everything else you might need for your work is available for download from the official SteelSeries website.

Design and ergonomics

The mouse is designed for gamers. So you can get an aggressive, stylish, eye-catching look. The upper part of the case is crowned with a metal plate that adds some weight to the device. The material is tactilely pleasant, so it won’t slip out of your hands even with an elevated adrenaline level in gaming. Weight – 102 grams – although a little more than in similar devices, it does not become a cause of fatigue, even in prolonged work.

Computers and peripherals
Computers and peripherals
Computers and peripherals

The case itself is symmetrical, so the mouse is suitable for both right- and left-handed players. It has 8 programmable buttons. The out-of-the-box mouse is ready to use, and you only need to install additional software if you want to take advantage of the full breadth of options. Some settings can be done directly on the mouse: there is an LCD-display on the case back, which allows you to work with the drivers installed directly on the mouse. The manufacturer guarantees compatibility with operating systems such as: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

The LCD display also allows you to playback pictures of your own creation. You can support authenticity of the mouse with your name, team name or just any image the device owner likes. By the way, according to SteelSeries, this helps prevent you from losing your mouse in public places: internet cafes, offline gaming tournaments.

The backlighting further enhances the personality of the wearer. A choice of 16.8 million colors – the standard RGB layout. The wheel, SteelSeries logo and CPI indicator can be illuminated. And you can set a different color for each part or no illumination at all – everything is limited only by the imagination of the user. Setting different profiles, you can see by the backlight which one is active at the moment.

Special Teflon feet that take up 16% of the mouse backside give you the best glide properties. The only thing is that they tend to wear out and need to be regularly and independently replaced. But you can choose virtually any surface to use your mouse on.

Technology and responsiveness

Most important and defining the whole mouse concept is built-in 32-bit ARM processor. Similar in power to Pentium 75 MHz new in 1994 . Compared to a mouse, it might feel overpowering. But its presence allowed the engineers to use a number of useful technologies to control the game. A significant part of the computational process takes place in the mouse itself, not burdening the computer’s CPU. We are talking about ExactSens, ExactRate, ExactAim, ExactLift and many other technologies. Now in order.

ExactTech technology

Allows you to adjust the mouse in four different directions directly from the mouse LCD display .

ExactLift technology

Allows to set optimal distance to the gaming surface, which can be made of different materials – glossy, rough, soft, hard – the list is huge. In gaming it gives you precise cursor positioning even if you have to pull the mouse away from the surface.

ExactAim technology

Allows you to temporarily slow down the cursor when the gaming environment demands it. In gaming, this means more accurate aiming, for example.

ExactAccel technology

, on the contrary speeds up the cursor. This is useful, for example, when moving around the game world.

ExactSens technology

Control the sensitivity of the mouse without having to change the settings of the computer. So you can raise or lower CPI at the touch of a button.

Turbo acceleration – a rare example in modern handhelds. If the user needs, the mouse will move “at the speed of light. The developers decided that the default sensitivity range of 1-5700 CPI is not enough, so thanks to the built-in processor this range is doubled: 5701-11400 CPI. Other similar precedents in gaming peripherals are unknown. The benefit of such speed will be felt when working with several monitors at once.

FreeMove Technology

Eliminates the possibility of distortion of mouse movements. You can adjust the degree of path distortion or disable it completely. To visualize, imagine two lines: one sinusoidal, the other completely straight. So the second option is the result of FreeMove.

Finally, a laser sensor. Its capabilities are amazing: 10.8 megapixels, 12,000 frames per second, and up to 150 inches per second coverage. Even the most fast-paced shooter doesn’t require such speeds yet.

The software

SteelSeries offers you to use their proprietary Engine software. With this engine you can adjust every setting imaginable for a traditional mouse. Obviously, this backlight, LCD screen saver, and profiles for each application or game, and cursor modes, and sensor characteristics. Interface Engine is so rich that even veteran gamers will feel a slight culture shock.

Engine function allows to record macros. And it can be a long and complex sequence of actions or algorithm. Macros can contain both shortcuts and timings. You can bind macros to any key on your mouse, even the scrollwheel. With this feature, adapting to the game environment is very fast.

At work

Connecting to your computer took half a minute, in which 28 seconds is to bend under the table and back to the screen. The cable length proved to be long enough to throw it, the cable, behind a deep desk. The cable is textile braided to match the rugged look of the case, inspiring a sense of durability and indestructibility.


The Bechstein grip is excellent. Although, girls with miniature brushes probably won’t find it very handy. All buttons have a precise tactile feedback and are pressed smoothly and effortlessly. But do not relax your hand completely, the mouse reacts lightning-fast to every pressure.

I was impressed with the way the mouse worked in the games – we tried many different kind of games. In RPGs, the character had to cover long distances and aim at the enemy accurately. In strategy and arcade games the controller precisely positions the cursor on small game elements. In shooters, reaction speed increased to the point where only the player’s skill began to determine the outcome of the battle.


I got my hands on a sample of what a gaming mouse should be. It is not in vain that leading world-famous eSports players were involved in its development. Of course, no one can guarantee a win with the Sensei, but the numerous performance improvements will undoubtedly be a great addition to the skill of the gamer.

The cost of Sensei is not great for this level of mouse – about 3,800 Dollars. It is a proven fact that this mouse is well worth the price you pay for years to come.

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