The Stadler Form Blender Six SFB immersion blender test.555: you can chop ice and froth milk

So let’s break it down: This immersion blender Stadler Form Blender Six SFB.555

– One of many or special in some way? And why the manufacturer positions it as a premium blender?

Stadler Form

The Stadler Form Blender Six SFB is a premium immersion blender from the Black Edition collection.555



: 900 W max.


The blender has an all-plastic body, a powerful and reliable Johnson USA DC motor with a blade speed of 11,000 rpm, large, 1 mm thick steel blades, a wall-mounted stand with cord compartment and an ergonomic handle.


Smooth switching 12 speeds and TURBO-mode.


There is one stainless steel blender attachment for a stainless steel blender 24.5 cm long , a light blender attachment made of plastic 22.5 cm , a whisk 19 cm , a professional cappuccinator attachment 19 cm , a large chopper mill, 750 ml with a mat cover, a protective plastic cover for the blender attachment and a mount for the wall.

So, let’s see: this blender is one of many or something special? And why does the manufacturer position it as a premium appliance??


Product processing

Food processing

Stadler Form


The first thing that catches your eye is not one but two blender jugs: steel and plastic. The first, elongated, is suitable even for tall cookware, it is sturdy and reliable, but – like any steel construction – is a bit heavy. That’s why there is a second blender attachment for larger quantities – a lightweight plastic one.

Your hand really doesn’t get tired even when you make one dish after another – sauces, soups, pancake batter, minced meat, filling or cake cream. Together with the smooth arches of the blender dome its ribs prevent it from sticking to the dishes AntiSuction-effect

Second feature: A special frothing nozzle for foaming milk is included. The frothing nozzle whips milk for milk shakes, hot chocolate and baby food into a frothy froth and creates milk foam for cappuccino without steam, ideal for those who want to enjoy a latte or cappuccino without having to buy an expensive coffee machine. The nozzle whips both warm and cold milk.

The stainless steel main nozzle has a unique blade design with vertical teeth that make for quick ice crushing. Not every blender is able to break the ice, the instructions of many devices prohibit it, but this blender can break the ice – in fact, it is declared a possibility.


Stadler Form – a design technique, the style is felt in every detail, but at the same time the design is subordinated to two things: functionality and usability. The handle of the blender do not forget that the motor is in it is always quite heavy, so its correct shape is very important, so that it was most convenient not only to hold it, but also to switch speeds.

The ergonomic grip is designed so that the power and turbo buttons are just under the thumb and the turning gear adjustment knob is operated effortlessly with the same thumb grip, without touching the other hand and without stopping operation.

Stadler Form

Process foods

Two bowls: a 750 ml chopper and a graded 1 liter beaker have special anti-slip base pads that can also be used as lids. It’s enormously convenient – chop and store in the fridge in the same bowl.

The suction cup holder moves the entire length of the cord, allowing you to hang it over any “obstacles” on your table. Also, the holder fixes the wire to the blender body when all the work is done.

A huge plus is the possibility of attaching the blender to the wall and fully withdrawable wire.


It is very important in a hand blender that it cannot be switched on unintentionally or turbo-mode, so the push buttons must not be pressed too easily. This is exactly the case here: the buttons are “rolled up” under the rubber cover and slightly “sunk”, you can’t press them accidentally just by touching them.

The Blender Six work unit is made of solid plastic. This hermetically sealed design, without seams or cracks, keeps the user safe during the cooking process.

Test 1. Milk frothing nozzle.

Product treatment

Stadler Form

Let’s start with it, because it is really a “know-how” in the category of hand blenders. It differs from individual mini devices “spring” with a motor by the fact that it is connected to a powerful motor, therefore, its rotation speed and efficiency are several times higher. We’ve tried whipping cold and hot milk. Milk became more delicate and fluffy in the first case, but hardly increased in volume.

Good for children’s drinks, not for cappuccino. In the second case, we wanted to make cappuccino foam. The hot milk increased in volume by more than 1.5, but less than 2 times. In principle, this was an expected result: when steam is applied to the cappuccinator of a coffee maker or coffee machine and mixed with milk, of course, the resulting foam volume is 3-4 times the original amount of milk.

But there’s another side to it: when mixed with steam, the milk foam is not as rich and will cost many times more don’t forget about the cost of a quality coffee machine , and in our case it was exactly the densely frothy milk. The perfect addition to the main functions of the blender!

For the test, we used milk with a mass fraction of fat 3.8% and a protein content of 2.8%


Test 2. Chopper: minced meat.

Product processing

Stadler Form

Stadler Form

Chopped chicken breast fillets, sliced in medium slices. Stuffing of smooth and delicate consistency came out literally in 10 seconds. The mini-shredder could easily hold 3 fillets, but we shredded 2, so it’s perfect for 1 bite.

Then it was the turn of onions: I didn’t want to cut them with a knife and cry. Chopped an onion perfectly in seconds – not “mushy,” but just enough to put it in the mince.

Test 3. Main attachment: ice.


Stadler Form


Stadler Form

We crushed ice in a liter glass, it was amazing – quick, fast, and effortless! Fascinated, we also chopped frozen cranberries and strawberries and made delicious summer berry mojitos. Our conclusion: if the mowing head is piercing the ice, how about soft food?!

Test 4. Whisk: goodies.


Stadler Form

This was the last test, and we had no doubts that everything would be fine: with a motor like that. The proteins kept increasing in volume like magic, and the cream-cheese mixture turned into a deliciously tender dessert in no time at all.

Powerful and reliable DC motor, lightweight attachment included, ability to cut ice and cook with frozen foods, handy mini-shredder with a lid, nozzle for foaming milk.

The milk frothing attachment was not very convincing in tests with cold milk.

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