The Sony Walkman NW-A30 Series comes in a stylish new design with stunning sound

Sony presents the NW-A30 range of stylish Walkman® players. Three models are available – NW-A35 16GB , NW-A35NH 16GB, headphones included and NW-A37NH 64GB, headphones included . The Walkman® NW-A30 range of players have an elegant design and ease of use that let them blend in with your lifestyle and complement your personality. Add superb sound quality with high-definition audioi, an intuitive user interface and wireless playback function, and you’ll understand that only a new Walkman Series lets you become one with your favourite music.

Audio equipment

Sony NW-A35HN

Great sound on the move

At only 98 grams, the Walkman® NW-A30 Series is comfortable and compact. Built-in Bluetooth® and NFC connectivity allows for wireless connection to speakers or headphones. Perfectly compatible with Sony MDR-100ABN wireless headphones.

The NW-A30 series also features a high-capacity battery that provides up to 45 hours of MP3 playback 128kbps or 30 hours of high-resolution FLAC 192kHz, 24bit listening – enjoy your favourite music for hours on end, wherever you are.

Audio players

Audio Players

Audio players


Always perfect sound

Thanks to advanced audio playback technology in all formats, including DSD, the new Walkman NW-A30 series players allow you to enjoy stunning sound quality almost anywhereii. Five built-in POSCAP™iii capacitors deliver more power to the S-Master™ HX digital amplifier, reducing noise and interference across a wider frequency range.

And the NW-A30 Series uses dual clocking for optimal modulation, clarity and stereo sound effect – so you can hear every breath, every note. High Resolution Audio support in DSD DFF , DSD DSF , WAV, AIFF, FLAC lossless compression and ALAC Apple Lossless .

Audio technology

Sony NW-A37HN

Audio equipment

Sony NW-A35

Unlimited music library

An enhanced 3.1″ touchscreen, intuitive interface and side control keys make the Walkman® NW-A30 Series incredibly easy to use. The models feature 16GB NW-A35 and NW-A35NH and 64GB NW-A37NH onboard memory and a microSD card slot for extra space for your music library. NW-A35HN and NW-A35HN models are additionally equipped with in-ear headphones with digital noise cancellation technology Digital Noise Cancelling and Hi-Res Audio support.

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Price and affordability

The Walkman® NW-A30 is available in four attractive colors: brick red, charcoal black, lime yellow and malachite blue.

New Walkman® NW-A35 models will go on sale in America starting from the end of January 2017, NW-A35HN and NW-A37HN models are already available. Approximate price: NW-A35 16 GB – 12 990 Dollars., NW-A35NH 16 GB, headphones included – 17 990 rub., NW-A37NH 64 Gb, headphones included – 24 990 Dollars.

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