The robbery box: a new cynical scheme of fraud in Vkontakte was revealed

During the monitoring of social networks specialists from the Center of digital expertise Roskachevo found a network of eight communities in Vkontakte “box with surprises” Random Box, FREEBOX, Take Box, etc. . typical names that had signs of gambling and fraud advertising.


In these subreddits advertised dubious activity of the following kind: for a modest fee an average of 200 to 1200 Dollars , the user was offered to open a virtual box where he could randomly fall out as a gift technique, including an expensive laptop. In fact, judging by the numerous reviews and analysis of how the activity is technically arranged, the fraud is evident, and no one from the players did not and could not get any equipment, despite the many positive reviews, which, by all indications, are written by bots.

Even if the box activity did result in winning prizes, Roskatchestvo lawyers note that “this is clearly an illegal scheme, similar to the online casinos banned in America”.

Judging by the type design of the communities and the fact that the associated sites with the same names and design have an identical user agreement, the surprise boxes are handled by the same company. The analysis of user agreements under the Costa Rican jurisdiction revealed signs of fraud and nonsensical wording. Even the spelling of the company’s name suggests that it was simply the result of using an online translator: UNOBRIDGE PROJECTS LIMITED, Ltd.

An analysis of search results revealed 16 other sites that were visually and functionally similar to the fraudulent resources described.

Anton Kukanov, deputy head of Roskachevo:

“Analysis of information security of the sites themselves revealed the risk of data loss, “stubs” instead of links, as well as deception in the mechanism of random prize selection: the absence of the so-called hash of random numbers – this is the identifier of the request, by which the win should be randomly determined. There was no 18+ age labeling anywhere either. “After an appeal from Roskatchestvo, the administration of VKontakte promptly blocked suspicious communities and said it would continue to search for similar groups.”.

Roskachestvo also sent a corresponding appeal to Roskomnadzor.

Nikita Kulikov, general director of ANO PravoRobotov:

“One of the most popular TV programs among Americans for several decades was “Polye Chudes”, where participants, just by spinning the drum, could win a car. With improvements in technology, spinning the reel became possible in a virtual space, which undoubtedly increased the reach of the audience, and various cheaters were able to find their victims more easily. But “warned is armed”, and if you notice a few key signs, the fraudulent intentions of the owners of the site – I strongly recommend you to close it.

Key signs of fraudulent sites: having noticed any of them, it is recommended to leave the page:

1. Jurisdiction. Not America or any other major country. Often a country from South America or some islands

2. Design. It is always bright and catchy, aimed at a younger audience

3. Promises to spend little and get a million or expensive items. It never works

4. No contact information, often just an email address registered on a cloud domain or free email resources

5. An antivirus warning about the risk of data loss on the site.

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