The right friend: Husqvarna rider 111B – universal lawn mower with seat

Every owner of a property takes great care of his or her “green brainchild” with love and trepidation. But love is only a step away from hate, and if a garden stretches over several hectares, maintaining it can be a heavy burden. Keep your relationship idyllic with the Husqvarna 111B rider.


The compact 111B is ideal for areas larger than 1,000 m². Its cutting deck is equipped with two blades that provide an even cut of the grass. Blades automatically start working as soon as the blade is lowered. The front blade position makes it easy to get to those hard-to-reach places. The user is in control with intuitive controls from the comfort of his or her chair.

Rider is equipped with Briggs & Stratton engine with maximum power of 11.5 l.with. at 3800 rpm ./min . The fuel tank holds 2.8 liters of gasoline, more than enough for several hours of operation.

Technical features help quickly turn an overgrown lawn into a neat golf course. The cutting width of the tool is 85 cm. The cutting height can be adjusted between 25 and 70 mm. The hydrostatic transmission of the machine works on the principle of an automatic gearbox, which makes driving much easier. Top travel speed 7 km/h forward and 5 km/h backward. The machine is rear-wheel drive which provides excellent traction. This feature is especially important when working on green hillsides.

Rider operates in two modes at the user’s discretion. In the first case, grass is ejected to the rear, making it suitable for tall clumps in the second case, grass is ejected to the rear, making it ideal for cutting through high growth vegetation. The second mode, BioClip mulching , shreds the grass clippings and leaves them on the lawn as a fine organic fertilizer.

Husqvarna 111B wheeled mower is a savior for big lawns. It saves the owner a lot of time and effort and makes mowing a pleasure.

Recommended Cost:

Husqvarna Rider 111B – 111 000 rub.

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