The revolutionary non-stick coating of Biotank is completely safe for your health

Pensofal launches Biotank non-stick cookware without perfluorooctanoic acid PFOA .

Pensofal non-stick cookware with Biotank non-stick coating

Nonstick cookware – the choice of modern hostesses. Cookware that is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing is a distinct advantage for this type of cookware.

In the production of a traditional non-stick coating PTFE coating an important component is perfluorooctanoic acid PFOA , which essentially ensures the adhesion of the polymer to the metal so that the coating adheres firmly to the pans. But numerous studies have shown that damaging the coating causes PFOA to enter the human body and damage health.

Pensofal from Italy offers its own solution to this problem – the safe Biotank coating without PFOA.

To avoid having unfavorable effects on the health of consumers and the environment, Pensofal International S.p.a. The non-stick cookware on the market today uses new non-stick coatings without PFOC in all its products. The exclusive patented Biotank inner coating is made using exclusive RPP technology, 6 layers + 1 extra layer built in as thick as the bottom 6 layers. The exclusive quality of the inner coating and the special non-stick coating can guarantee the best cooking even without oil and fat for a healthy and dietary diet.

For a healthy life it is important not only to have the right food but also the right utensils to cook it in.

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