The review of the Atlant M7184 single-chamber freezer

The Atlant freezer means faultless quality, high reliability and full warranty service for three years. The capacious freezer compartment keeps your garden crops healthy and makes you happy with its functionality.



Atlant M7184 Freezer


FROSTFIGURES: 150x60x63 cm. WEIGHT: 56 kg.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: energy efficiency class A+, annual power consumption 260 kW/h, climate class SN, N, ST, T, noise level under 39 dB.

VOLUME: total volume 240 l, net volume 220 l.

WARRANTY: 3 years.


PRICE: 16 934 Dollars.


1 compressor

The model is equipped with the superreliable time-proved S-H compressor of Belarusian production.

height-adjustable front feet

Freezer is equipped with wheels for easy moving.

Hinged doors original position to the right .

Back stop.


Mechanical, 7 temperature modes.

Adjustment of the temperature in the freezer by means of the roller or knob, activation of the freezing mode by means of the switch. Indicator lights on the control panel indicate the freezing mode is on, the freezer is on, as well as high temperature.

Voltage fluctuations in the electric network do not prevent the operation of the freezer, which maintains its efficiency at a voltage of 175 to 255 V.


6 compartments, 6 transparent plastic baskets + pull-out freezer tray for freezing dumplings, berries and other small items.

Plastic baskets slide forward.

One-handed operation to pull out the drawers when the boxes need washing.

For freezing strawberries, mushrooms, etc.d. Food should be placed on the special pull-out tray.

Included is an ice-pack.

Freezing mode

In order to freeze food quickly, and hence qualitatively freeze food, you need to turn on freezing mode, in which the temperature in the freezer decreases from -18 ° C to -24 ° C. Frozen at -24 ° C in a freezer Atlant products are stored for a long time – from 6 to 12 months.

Freezing capacity 20 kg/day.

Food storage working temperature -18°C.

Keeps cold for 17 hours in case of power failure.

The freezer is equipped with a refrigerant accumulator that will maintain the temperature required for frozen food storage in the event of a temporary power failure.

Ice production capacity per day – 2,2 kg.

Freezer can operate even at abnormally high ambient temperatures – up to +43 ° C!

Sleek and simple forms and lines design emphasizes vertical handle-rib. Convenient and ergonomic handle.

No No Frost system, defrosting is done manually.

The freezer operates quietly and the claimed operation volume does not exceed 39 dB.

Coolant – R600a.

This is a modern, environmentally friendly refrigerant used by the world’s leading manufacturers of refrigeration equipment.

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