The recipe for making appliances. Julia Vysotskaya announces the launch of Candy by Julia Vysotskaya author series of kitchen appliances

April 6, New York, Candy in cooperation with Julia Vysotskaya announces the launch of a new series of Candy by Julia Vysotskaya branded home appliances! A new limited collection of built-in appliances represented by ovens, gas and electric hobs.

How Julia Vysotskaya makes Candy

Candy’s engineering team listened to Julia Vysotskaya’s opinion when creating these new models. In cooking studios the demands on technology are very high: in master classes it is important that everything is as convenient, reliable and intuitive as possible. So the technology has to be functional and ergonomic for newcomers and professionals alike. The developers have not forgotten about the interests of consumers – everyone can emphasize their individuality by choosing the appliances in the design that suits them best – in a sophisticated classic style or modern “modern” style.

The Classic Ovens as a reflection of Italian culture. They come in two colors, aged white and blued steel black , and the classic clock timer and brass handles recall the sophistication of yesteryear. And all this is completed by an all-glass outer surface of the ovens, giving them charm and perfection.

Ovens with a modern twist take on the spirit of the modern metropolis – the sparkle of metal and glass. The clever combination of these materials gives truly beautiful creations of modern art in stainless steel combined with white or black glass. All this is complemented by a modern touch-sensitive timer and ergonomic recessed handles.

Gas hobs

The Art of Living Tasty with a Series of Candy By Julia Vysotskaya Household Appliances!

But it’s not just stylish looks that distinguish these new appliances.These ovens are so versatile and very easy to use. For example, they have the new Aquactiva cleaning system, which cleans the oven without using any chemicals. SoftClose system ensures soft closing of the door.

And best of all, the new oven with its wide range of operating modes will help you realize any culinary fantasies. There’s a Pizza mode to simulate a traditional Italian wood-fired oven, a fast heat-up mode for the oven, and a special mode for defrosting foods. Convection with a circular heater and six hot air delivery directions allows you to cook several dishes at the same time.

The ovens also feature the unique SoftCook mode, which retains 50% more moisture inside the product and is therefore ideal for baking, making it more fluffy and fragrant. Many hidden systems are responsible for the safety of appliances: the control lock, the emergency shutdown in case of overheating, and a recessed heating element in the upper part of the oven that can not be burnt accidentally.

You’ll find several types of gas cookers: stainless steel, enamel, and “gas on glass. You’ll find both surfaces with traditional burners and cast-iron grids and new-generation Elite burners that deliver a vertical flame with more even heat distribution. And the “gas on glass” cooking surfaces are beautiful and easy to clean. All models are equipped with gas control system.

Electric hobs have practical expanding zones, allowing housewives to use different sizes of crockery, while saving energy. Touch controls are intuitive and easy to use, making it easy to operate the appliances.

New series of appliances from Candy and Julia Vysotskaya are ideal for all those who love to cook!

Recommended retail price of ovens: models R929/6BA JV and R929/6GH JV – 40 990 Dollars, models FET929XL JV, FET929WXL JV and FET929NXL JV – 39 990 Dollars. Gas cooktops CVG64STGB JV and CVG64STGN JV – 21 990 Dollars, CPG64SGGH JV and CPG64SGBA JV – 18 990 Dollars, model CFX64 JV – 32 990 Dollars. The price of the electric hob CH647B JV is 32 990 Dollars.

Built-in appliances

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