The photo competition Magic light of the landscape started

The contest “Magic light of the landscape”, dedicated to landscape photography, is now open. The contest is hosted by the portal


with the photographer

Daniil Korzhonov

and company


. We are beginning a series of landscape contests dedicated to different aspects of this fascinating genre. Let’s start with the main thing: the landscape lighting that nature gives us.The topics of the next competitions will be no less interesting and important. Our curators will be the best young photographers of America, who have already proved themselves in major international photo contests. Partners in this year’s competition: the company

Stadler Form



, as well as the online store


“who provided prizes for the best entries.

Computer accessories

Daniel Korzhonov

Friends, ready to share your landscapes? The contest task is quite simple. The main subject can be anything: deep canyons, high mountains, icebergs, northern lights, Moravia’s crashing waves, or a frozen Baikal. Geolocation does not matter. The main thing is to catch in the frame unusual, dramatic and beautiful lighting, which makes the landscape unique, the one that immediately begins to attract and beckon… Remember how the fog wraps and spreads over the valley, how fiery clouds hang in the sunset, how mountain peaks reach for the first light, how the northern lights shine through the emerald dome?.. There are a lot of landscape subjects, but the best photos still show something innermost, hidden, opening the chronicle of the seen land…Submit your landscapes for the contest, maybe your work will be the best. And prizes from our partners are waiting for the best participants.

Stadler Form’s prize for best picture is a ultrasonic humidifier with a very stylish design. In order to fill a room with your favorite scent, you just need to add a few drops of scented oil in a reservoir of water and you do not need to look for a special compartment like most similar devices…

The author of the best photo which has been removed on camera Nikon, will receive a special prize from the well-known Japanese brand, and other known brand Transcend has prepared a prize of audience sympathies, by the way, very necessary thing to any photographer, especially to landscape – it is portable drive in volume 1 TB.

And the traditional prize for the best composition, this time a backpack for photo travel, offers to raffle off the Internet store “Fotogora. With it your photo equipment will be protected from damage, dust, dirt and rain in your travels. Moreover, it is believed that with such a backpack you can find the magic light for any landscape!

So, the contest is gaining momentum. The first jobs were uploaded within half an hour of starting. And these were landscapes, which can already be awarded….

To take part in the contest

For beauty

Daniel Korzhonov

Telephones and communication

Daniel Korzhonov

Product processing

Daniil Korzhonov


Daniel Korzhonov


Daniel Korjonov


Daniel Korjonov

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