The Panasonic EH-HS95-K865 Nanoe care hair straightener test

One of the most expensive models in this test has the Nanoe care smart moisture retention system, which, according to the manufacturer, is significantly more effective than conventional ionization systems. Moisture-rich nanoe particles are generated from holes in the tips of the plates to keep hair moisturized while styling, to prevent moisture from evaporating and to keep hair from drying out during hot styling.

Hair straighteners

Hair straightener Panasonic HH-HS95-K865 Nanoe care


POWER: Max 39 Watt.

CONTROL: 5 temperature modes 150/ 170/180/190/200°C light indication of temperature LED-lighting of particle generation process Nanoe no voltage switch.

SAFETY: smart touch-protection system against overheating sixty minutes auto shut-off.

CONSTRUCTION: Advanced heating element, ceramic coating of the plates, 1 spring-loaded plate, plate length 95 mm, cord length 1,7 m, swivel cord fastening, fixation in closed position.

FITTING: none.

WARRANTY: 1 year, lifetime: 7 years.


PRICE: 5940 Dollars.

Hair straighteners

Hair straighteners


One of the most expensive models in this test is equipped with the intelligent moisture preservation system Nanoe care, which, according to the manufacturer, is much more effective than conventional ionization systems. The moisture-rich nanoe particles are generated from holes in the tips of the plates to keep hair moisturized during styling, prevent moisture evaporation and dry hair during hot styling. What is the essence of the technology? The built-in nanoe particle generator absorbs moisture from the air and converts it into negatively charged nanoparticles, nanoe, each of which contains 1000 times more moisture than normal negatively charged ions. The nanoe particles have a maximum pH value of 5.5, which is neutral for the hair and scalp. Thanks to its microscopic size diameter of the Nanoe particle is less than 1/100 that of the vapor particle, t.e. about 6000-8000 nm , they penetrate the hair structure and saturate it with moisture. The manufacturer promises the following effect of using the device with this moisture preservation technology: damaged and weakened hair should become smoother and shinier. Moisture trapped in the hair microstructure is expected to make hair more resistant to combing and hot styling. According to the company, Nanoe technology helps to maintain and even improve the condition of your hair and scalp: in particular it prevents split ends. Moisturizing should also have a positive effect on the condition of the scalp. Panasonic makes these promises, based on the findings of the INTERTEK international research laboratory, where Nanoe appliances were tested.

The manufacturer warns that since Nanoe particles are generated from the moisture contained in the air, in some cases depending on the environmental conditions it may be difficult to generate them – for example, if the air in the room is very dry. Moreover, “it works better if you moisturize your hair a little. “If your hair is dry, it may not achieve the desired effect with Nanoe technology” – as extracted from the instruction manual. We are talking about the use of Mildly humid hair, not wet hair!

Advanced heating element with high thermal conductivity maintains a constant high temperature of the working plates of the straightener and improves the straightening efficiency by 35% compared to the manufacturer’s conventional heater at 200°C, according to the manufacturer .

Intelligent sensor system reduces the plate temperature to 170°C when the appliance is not in use.

For self-care



The control buttons are on the side, not near the bottom plate like on most test instruments, and “lie” right under the thumb. It is very convenient, but only for right-handed people. Also, you can accidentally change the temperature setting during operation, and there is no button lock. Temperature modes selectable with “+” and “-” buttons. On the upper part of the case the chosen temperature is shown: before reaching it the figures blink, on reaching them – they light up with a steady light.


The height of figures – 2,5 mm, that is, “font” is very small: even people with a small farsightedness without glasses cannot make out.

The test of the heating speed of this device passed brilliantly, it is almost the only one in which the actual result coincided with the promised – exactly 30 seconds.


The length and width of the plates are standard. Plates have a mechanical catch in the closed position. Swivel-mounted wire twists and does not kink.


The wire is the shortest among the tested devices – 1.7 m. At the same time on the site of the manufacturer in the description of the model is an infographic icon “wire 2.7 m. The size of the buttonhole is 3×4 mm, we could not find such “delicate” hooks in our apartments.


Everyone commented that it glides great and looks great, with less frizz and tangles. Too bad that this styler is difficult some did not succeed at all to curl the hair – too wide and convex body in the area of the plates. However, the direct purpose of the “iron” – straightening excuse the tautology . It copes with it flawlessly.

Nanoe technology intelligent protection system against overheating automatic shutdown stable modern heater detent in closed position.

Small faults in the design and operation, no case, small “font” of the temperature indicator.

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