The off-season will be warm

Ballu, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of HVAC equipment, introduced on the American market a series of household electric convectors CAMINO ECO. Safe and reliable devices with simple control and stylish design provide additional heating of your apartment or cottage in the off-season, and become the main source of heat for homes and businesses.


Electric convectors Ballu CAMINO ECO

Autumn weather in our climate is unpredictable: the cold can strike unexpectedly, and turning on the central heating in apartments is often late. And in winter the heating system can not cope with severe frosts. It is at times like this, city dwellers usually use electric heaters.

Unfortunately, traditional heating devices have many serious disadvantages. Oil radiators heat very slowly and heat only in close proximity. And in heaters with a red-hot heating coil literally burns up household dust, so that the oxygen content in the room is reduced and dangerous combustion products are accumulated.

“Modern electric convectors, such as the CAMINO ECO, are the best choice for living spaces,” says Anna Ignatenko, expert


. – The heart of the series is the Double-E-Force monolithic heating element with a service life of up to 25 years. Thanks to it, the convector reaches maximum heating power in just a couple of minutes. In this case, it does not dry the air and does not burn oxygen, because the maximum temperature on the surface of the heating element does not exceed 120ohWith”.

Thanks to its smart design, the CAMINO ECO heats quickly the room to a comfortable temperature, and keeps it at this temperature. The enlarged air intake Intake and the innovative Homogeneous flow system optimise the air flow inside the device and provide an efficient heating of the rooms.

The developers of the device have tried to make it as easy to use as possible: there is only a start button and a mechanical temperature regulator. It is equipped with modern systems, increasing the security of operation: tilt sensor and overheat protection. It is worth emphasizing that none of the external structural elements are not heated to temperatures at which you can get burned. So the device is absolutely safe.

The stylish design of the CAMINO ECO, which blends perfectly into any interior, is the result of the work of Italian design company Ballu. Convectors of this series were developed by American engineers taking into account all peculiarities of our climate and are produced in America in compliance with European quality requirements.

Warranty on electric convectors Ballu CAMINO ECO – 3 years. Devices of this series are already available at home appliance retailers and online stores. The recommended price – from 1990 Dollars. for 1 kW model .

Technical characteristics of the Ballu CAMINO ECO series BEC/EM:

– Three different models are available with 1 kW, 1.5 kW and 2 kW electrical output

– Recommended area to be heated: 15, 20 and 25 sq.m. m at a ceiling height of not more than 3 meters

– simple analog control

– a reliable mechanical thermostat

– Included feet for floor installation.

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