The new series of Quadrum ovens from Hansa

The new series of Quadrum ovens are designed especially for those who appreciate high quality, reliability and convenience. The new design’s clean, minimalist lines underscore the German passion for order.

Electric ovens

There are 18 models in the series, differing in color and set of functions, so that every customer can choose his ideal oven. Models of the new line have from four to eight heating modes and are equipped with a mechanical or touch-controlled programmer – with useful functions of delayed start, timer and programmer of oven operating time.

All models in the new range have triple glazing on the front door for safe cooking and the interior is enamelled and easy to clean. Some models, such as the BOEI68411, BOEW68411, BOEI68431, BOES68441 are also equipped with a fan function, which ensures an even temperature rise and faster cooking.

Electric ovens

Fully built-in appliances

Models are equipped with pull-out flush-type switches and telescopic or chrome baking tray supports, depending on the equipment. The volume of the new ovens ranges from 65 to 70 liters. On the inside of the door of the new Quadrum Ovens are special tips with 16 recipes, indicating the type of dish, pan/grid level, cooking mode and time.

The new Quadrum Ovens are available in three universal colors: black, white and stainless steel, which allows harmonizing with any interior from classic to hi-tech and make the kitchen space really elegant, and the cooking – pleasant and fast.

The Quadrum range of ovens is tentatively priced:

Hansa BOES68441 – from 21400 p Hansa BOES68411 – from 17100 p

Hansa BOEI68431 – from 21400 p Hansa BOEW68411 – from 17100 p

Hansa BOES64131 – from 15600 p Hansa BOEI68411 – from 17200 p

Hansa BOEW64131 – from 15600 p Hansa BOES64111 – from 12400 p

Hansa BOEI64131 – from 15600 p Hansa BOEW64111 – from 12400 p

Hansa BOEI64111 – from 12500 p

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