The new Scarlett SC-TR310M50 trimmer

Scarlett presents a new trimmer SC-TR310M50 for the care of the beard and mustache.

Scarlett SC-TR310M50

The 3 mm comb comb allows you to trim thick hair within 0.5mm.

The set also includes a nose and ear nozzle.

Plus, the convenient storage compartment keeps everything in one place, so you don’t lose anything and you always have just the tips and attachments you need.

Sharp blades help to cope with dense vegetation without pulling hair, and rounded tips ensure safe shaving without cutting, so you can always use the Scarlett SC-TR310M50 trimmer comfortably.

Scarlett SC-TR310M50

Power supply Scarlett SC-TR310M50 trimmer with a single battery allows you to take it with you on every trip.

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