The new Panasonic i-Shaper trimmer – digital shaving precision

Panasonici-Shaper ER-GD60 trimmer combines dangerous shaving aesthetics with an innovative shape. The new gadget will allow men to perform any experiments with beard, moustache and stubble – quickly, easily and with digital precision.


The trimmer combines the highest efficiency, precision and innovative design – that was the hallmark of the ER-GD60 and led to its name – i-Shaper.

The i-Shaper blade, unlike conventional trimmers, swivels 90 degrees to the user, making it very comfortable in the hand. And you can clearly control how you use it.

Panasonic ER-GD60 3-in-1 device combines shaving, trimming and styling.

The trimmer allows you to do almost any manipulation – with it you can maintain the perfect shape created by the barber, experiment with your own style and even use the i-Shaper instead of a regular razor, not wasting time in the morning shaving with foam. It’s a new degree of freedom that modern men are sure to appreciate.

The ER-GD60 blades are 35mm longer, rounded on the edges and the gaps between them are so small that they make it impossible for skin to get inside, absolutely eliminating the risk of injuries and cuts. Innovative Japanese blade sharpening technology extends blade life up to three years. The trimmer touches your face as easily as your fingertips and can be used even on the most sensitive skin.

Combs with 0.5mm to 10mm height adjustment in 0.5mm increments and comfortable dial switch for easy and precise trimming of beard to desired length.

The ER-GD60 comes with a 10mm wide detail trimmer attachment – perfect for over-exposed areas like your lower lip. Blades are easily rinsed under running water after mowing.

The i-Shaper has a premium black-and-silver design made of high-quality, wear-resistant plastic. And blades are made of real Japanese steel.


Trimmer can operate both on battery and mains.

A fully charged trimmer is enough for 50 minutes of continuous work, so you can take it with you on a trip or in the office.

Especially for emergencies, there is a fast charging option – for one trim.

Buy iShaper available in November at the official online store Panasonic –

And in the chain of stores “”.

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