The new Panasonic ES-WH80 photoepilator – salon treatment at home

New York, America – Panasonic is launching an innovative new product in its beauty lineup in America – the Panasonic ES-WH80 photoepilator. It is a stylish, compact device using advanced Japanese technology to eliminate hair quickly and painlessly. Regularly using it at home, you get the same results as in a professional beauty salon!

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Panasonic ES-WH80 photoepilator

If your busy schedule leaves no time for salon visits, the new Panasonic ES-WH80 photoepilator will easily replace long and expensive procedures. Thanks to pulsed light IPL technology, photoepilator significantly slows hair growth, affecting the follicles. When you use the ES-WH80 continuously, hair becomes finer, less noticeable and then stops growing altogether. The result is flawlessly smooth skin – fast, effective and, most importantly, completely painless.

Photoepilator ES-WH80 is a great alternative to hair removal and depilation. It can be used on the arms, legs, armpits and bikini area. Important is that the result you achieve lasts much longer, and you will no longer have to worry about skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

The innovative Push and Slide system makes the new photoepilator incredibly easy to use. Simply touch the device to your skin and it works automatically. Slowly move the photoepilator across the treatment area of the body, the flash will activate every three seconds. Wide treatment area and short interval between the flashes shortens the procedure to minimum and increases the efficiency of the treatment. Five levels of light intensity allows you to select an individual mode of photoepilation depending on your skin tone and hair type. If necessary, you can check a special table of settings.

It has a high capacity, long-life rechargeable Li-ion battery. Just enough power for about 600 flashes around 15 minutes of continuous shaving . It is quite enough for treating underarms, shins and bikini line. With regular use, the lifetime of one lamp is 2 years. Thanks to its smart ergonomics and lightweight design, the new photoepilator can be used to treat even the hardest-to-reach body areas.

You can buy the novelty in the chain of stores of electronics “, as well as in the Panasonic Eplaza branded online store. Recommended retail price – 21 999 Dollars.

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