The new Nobby Expert NBE-TC-999 multi charger

Smartphone and accessory maker Nobby has decided to globally improve the charger market. There are a lot of charging connectors, and that’s an excuse to pack them into one device! That’s why Nobby is already developing a new type of multi-charger. It will be versatile, with support for increased currents and a high level of electrical safety – something we’ve dreamed of but were afraid to admit!


All the connectors you need

Since manufacturers haven’t agreed between themselves on a unified fast charging standard, Nobby is taking matters into its own hands. The Nobby Expert NBE-TC-999 charger will have all the popular connectors: 5 USB-A ports and 2 USB-C ports. It can charge smartphones, music players, tablets and even laptops with a USB-C charging jack. No more tangling and searching for the right charger – just one device for all your gear!

Fast simultaneous charging

An awesome feature of the Nobby Expert NBE-TC-999 will be the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously without slowing down the charge rate or redistributing current between ports. At the same time, the gadget supports different types of charging for different devices, which significantly reduces the charging time for each connected device.

Safety first

Although the Nobby Expert NBE-TC-999 is a pretty sophisticated piece of hardware, there are no surprises, because it fully complies with all electrical and fire safety standards. The charger is made of modern and quality materials, thanks to which it will last longer than usual, preserving its attractive appearance.

Price and affordability

The Nobby Expert NBE-TC-999 will be available by the end of 2019, and its price is fully in line with the company’s philosophy. That is, maximum quality for the right price.

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