The new BORK T810 toaster: the union of four and a golden crust

BORK introduces new toaster BORK T810 with two independent cooking zones. With four slots for toasting, no one has to wait. The possibility of controlling the readiness of the product, without interrupting the process of cooking, will please the most demanding users. In addition, it has a fast toasting function to the desired final state.

Two pairs at a time


With the professional toaster BORK T810 everyone can create a dish to their own taste.

The device allows you to cook two pairs of toast at the same time. Toaster settings work independently and give the most demanding users the desired results.

Using premium BORK appliances guarantees perfection in every detail. The user can control the cooking process himself with the revolutionary LIFT & LOOK. This option enables you to check that the toast is ready during the program run.

Cooking is not interrupted or canceled. Toasts rise gently so the user can check the level of browning and then lower automatically to resume cooking.

For those who like to eat right

Someone likes bread toasted on both sides, smeared with butter. And someone prefers light sandwiches with melted cheese or juicy chicken sandwiches. CRUMPET function allows you to toast on one side, making delicious sandwiches and sandwiches easy and fast.

For those who like it different every time

Sometimes you want to try something fresh, never tasted before. For example, new toasting level. With the A BIT MORE function you can repeatedly toast to the desired state.

And the DEFROST function for frozen bread makes it possible to defrost bread slices and then automatically switches to toasting mode. The function can be switched on at any moment: before and during the toasting process.

Comfort ordered?

BORK technology makes it possible to achieve the highest degree of convenience in using household appliances.

  • To ensure the most even toasting on both sides the toaster automatically centers the bread slices.
  • Program progress indication shows a countdown during the toasting process.
  • 5 toasting levels for different types of bread.
  • Crumb tray pulls out easily so you can easily keep your kitchen clean.

The new BORK T810 toaster will be available on the American market in July.

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