The Neff oven: with light steam and a pleasant appetite!

Neff presents a new product: the Slide&Hide built-in oven with VarioSteam function.

The B46C74N0 oven not only extends Neff’s range of built-in appliances, it also marks a new stage in the development of appliances aimed only at perfect results.

Crispy crust, juicy meat, tender fish

Gas ovens

The VarioSteam steam system for Neff ovens has been developed to help users get the best possible results with less effort.

The idea behind VarioSteam is based on the fact that different products e.g. potatoes, dough and leafy vegetables have different moisture contents, which means that they behave differently during cooking.

How you want your food to be cooked: crumbly or thick, soft and juicy or crispy, lightly or thoroughly browned?? With VarioSteam you can now influence the result by adjusting the amount of steam that enters the oven during cooking.

With VarioSteam, baked goods in the oven rise well and have a crisp, crusty appearance – just like in the ads. Meat, especially dietary meats like poultry and fish, is wonderfully juicy and tender.

The warming function deserves special attention: VarioSteam gives last night’s dinner, like pizza, back its appetizing look and taste. This is also part of the Neff concept for comfortable cooking. After all, you don’t have to invent a fancy restaurant menu every day!

Bread can be baked with steam

VarioSteam oven is easy to use. Fill the reservoir with water and select one of three steam levels via the control knobs and display. When you need to increase or decrease the amount of steam while the oven is operating, you can change the settings without interrupting the cooking process.

The VarioSteam steam generation system not only guarantees perfect results, but also makes the cooking process more varied. You can choose from ten to thirteen oven modes, depending on the model.

Convection, top or bottom heat, grill, pizza, standard and bread modes can be used alone or in combination with steam.

Also available with grill and low temperature modes.

For special cases, for example when you have no time, you can choose from a range of automatic programs that let you take care of toasting, baking and cooking, and also choose the right steam mode.

Better light, tastier food!

Of course, it would be hard to imagine Neff appliances without these extra features that make working in the kitchen even more enjoyable. Among these are the large capacity of the oven, the stylish control panel with central rotary switch and the intuitive interface.

In addition, the VarioSteam is equipped with an ergonomically designed, fully retractable Slide&Hide door and a special NeffLight indicator light, which lets you follow the cooking process.

Two halogen lamps illuminate the entire oven interior thanks to the innovative smart reflector system.

Diffuser discs combine with a bright overhead light to provide even illumination inside the oven without glare.

Proper lighting is an important part of the cooking process. The cook who sees better cooks with more enthusiasm and therefore tastes better!

Remove, refill, cook

Neff also remains true to its energy efficiency policy. A new oven consumes 20 percent less energy than Class A. VarioSteam technology runs on a patented dual-pump system that returns the remaining water back into the tank.

This system guarantees hygienic operation, prevents limescale deposits from forming, and makes additional rinsing of the appliance unnecessary. It is also worth mentioning that the water tank is built into the control panel, so it is easy to use.

Thanks to the SoftEject mechanism, you only need to press lightly on the visible part of the reservoir to access it and pour water in before you start or directly during cooking.

The reservoir can also be fully removed from the panel for rinsing or emptying. Convenient and easy to use. That’s the way you want your kitchen to work..

Neff is a company with a long tradition and more than 130 years of experience in making household appliances for the kitchen.

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