The most compact hair care with Rowenta’s new Brush Activ NANO Compact CF9421

Always have time for everything and always look great – it is the dream of all women. But is it possible to have the perfect hairstyle in the morning and still be on time for work?? And what better way to save your style after an intense workout, a relaxing sauna or a cool swim?? The solution.Rowenta launches the compact, technologically advanced Brush Activ NANO Compact CF9421. Practical and mobile. Handy in your hand and easy to carry, thanks to its compact size you can take it everywhere you go – to the gym, on vacation, or on the road.

For your beauty

Rowenta Brush Activ NANO Compact CF9421

Your personal hair stylist for every day with this new Rowenta blow dryer, to get your hair up and running quickly and safely. The unique geometry of the air holes evenly distributes the hot stream inside the nozzle, avoiding damage to the hair and ensuring ultra-fast drying. And its ceramic coating keeps strands from overheating.

Designed for easy, efficient styling, the Activ NANO Brush removes the most stubborn hairs with ease. And by reversing the direction of the nozzles, you can automatically shape the hair strand, considerably simplifying your styling. Several temperature settings, a built-in ionizer and a “cold air” option that locks hair in place securely after drying are also among the functional advantages of this novelty.

And the Rowenta brush comes with two attachments with different diameters 30 mm and 50 mm , plus two practical storage cases to safely store both. They securely protect your removable parts so you can’t dirty or distort the attachments.

The look you want in a matter of minutes just got easier than ever before! Live an active life and enjoy perfect hair with Brush Activ NANO Compact CF9421!

Price of a hair dryer from Rowenta – 3499 Dollars.

Rowenta – the harmony of beauty and intelligence!

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