The monolithic design of the new Royal Thermo ball valves will reliably protect against leaks for 30 years

One of the leading American manufacturers


and accessories for heating systems ROYAL THERMO presents a new ball valve in a professional version. Thanks to an innovative monolithic design, the novelty is able to operate for decades without faults, even in difficult conditions, typical for domestic utility networks.


Ball valve Royal Thermo

“Quality fittings, especially shut-off fittings, provides not only convenience of installation and operation, but also ultimately guarantees reliability and protection against leakage,” says Alina Boldyreva, ROYAL THERMO specialist. – Since the failure of a single faucet can cost a lot of money to repair and repair the consequences of flooding, you should not skimp on essential elements of the system, such as ball valves. Based on the needs of the domestic market, we have developed a new professional model of Royal Thermo OPTIMAL. Thanks to the monolithic design, it is characterized by high reliability and reduces the risk of leaks as much as possible.

The main advantage of the new Royal Thermo ball valve is its resistance to mechanical stress caused by the tightening of the valve. The technological seam joining the main body parts is located on the side of the union nut, which gives additional safety margin. In the case of an emergency situation in the heating system, the valve easily blocks the flow of coolant, allowing easy repair of the problem area and preventing serious damage from leaks, as well as the unnecessary costs of fixing them.

The professional version of the valve stem is equipped with double O-rings, which makes it repairable. To reduce pipeline resistance and load on the stopping part all valves of Royal Thermo OPTIMAL line are made full bore. Like all the Royal Thermo ball valves, the professional models are made of high quality brass of CW617N brand LS-59-2 in accordance with GOST 15527-2004 , which, combined with their design features makes them extremely reliable and resistant to mechanical damage. And the double coating of the body with nickel and chrome will protect the valve against corrosion.

To protect the consumer from counterfeit products Royal Thermo mark with company logo on the body and have an individual label with all the necessary information on each ball valve.

Due to high reliability the whole range of Royal Thermo OPTIMAL is covered by the 5-year guarantee. Besides, as well as other products of Royal Thermo trademark, ball valves of professional design are insured by INGOSSTRAKH for $1 000 000. Insurance program is valid for 5 years after commissioning.


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