The legendary Razer Diamondback gaming mouse is back, now with the world’s most sensitive sensor

September 4, 2015: Berlin IFA ,Germany –

Razer™, the leading manufacturer of peripherals and software for gamers, today unveiled the latest variant of its iconic Razer Diamondback gaming mouse. The updated Diamondback features enhanced ergonomics, the world’s most accurate sensor and Chroma LED backlighting.

Computers & Peripherals

Computers & Peripherals

The iconic Razer Diamondback is re-released with new hardware, form factor, and Chroma backlighting

The benchmark for highly professional gaming since 2004, the Razer Diamondback features the world’s first optical sensor in a gaming mouse, and its form factor and functionality were developed with the best cyber athletes of all time. Lightweight design, responsiveness, ergonomic shape, and on-the-go sensitivity adjustment quickly made this mouse the choice for professional gamers. The Razer Diamondback has won numerous awards around the world and remains a sought-after mouse and sales leader to this day.

The new Razer Diamondback stays true to the design principles of its predecessor, but takes advantage of the latest advances in touch technology, giving gamers a mouse worthy of the legendary Diamondback name.

“Razer has always developed hardware for the world’s most ambitious players, and the Diamondback was one of the first mice created with the support of cyber athletes to ensure excellence at the highest levels of competition,

– Says Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of Razer. –

We’ve taken the incomparable Diamondback design and refined it with the best technology available today to create a mouse that will delight new and longtime Razer fans alike with its competitive edge, paying homage to the Diamondback name heritage.”.

Based on the form factor of its predecessor, the new Razer Diamondback inherits a sleek design and is suitable for both left- and right-handed use, offering left- and right-handed players equally comfortable coverage of the highly mobile form factor. Side buttons are specially positioned to allow for easy left- and right-handed use. The textured design fits a variety of girths and hand sizes, making it ideal for long game play, and features a rubberized anti-slip coating for more control during breakaway and fast movements in the heat of battle.

Using the latest in touch technology, the Razer Diamondback features a 16,000 DPI sensor for unparalleled tracking precision. With the included Razer Synapse software, gamers will be able to adjust Diamondback resolution in increments of up to 1 DPI for maximum precision regardless of their playing style. With the ability to adjust the tracking distance on the breakaway to 0.1mm players can glide with even more confidence without fear that a careless gesture could affect their game.

The new Razer Diamondback wouldn’t be perfect without Razer’s customizable Chroma backlighting, giving gamers a choice of 16.8 million colors. With multiple backlight points and the ability to sync the backlighting with other Chroma-equipped products, players can create a truly personalized gaming set of devices.

If you use Razer Synapse to its fullest extent, macros, functions, or shortcuts can be assigned to any button on the new Razer Diamondback and then saved to the cloud for immediate use on any PC. Every detail – from individual game profile and settings to DPI resolution and color schemes – can be modified, saved and used in full integration with the Razers Synapse software package.


  • Right- and left-handed form factor
  • 16,000 DPI 5G Laser Sensor
  • Acceleration up to 210 inches per second 50g
  • 1,000 Hz Ultrapolling
  • On-the-go sensitivity adjustment
  • Customizable Chroma backlighting
  • Color scheme synchronization between devices
  • 9 programmable buttons with Hyperesponse technology
  • Razer Synapse available
  • Protective Braided Cable 2.1m 7 feet
  • Approximate size: 125mm 4.92″ Length x 60mm 2.64 Inch Width x 30mm 1.18 inches Height
  • Approximate weight: 89g 0.09 pounds without cable


  • PC or Mac with USB input
  • Windows® 10/ Windows® 8/ Windows® 7/ Windows Vista®/ Windows® XP 32-bit Mac OS X v10.8-10.10
  • Internet connection
  • 100 MB of hard disk space
  • Sign up for Razer Synapse valid email required , download the software, accept the license agreement, and get an internet connection to activate all the product features and software updates. Once activated, all features will be available in optional offline mode.

Price:US: $89.99 /EUR: &euro 109.99

Available:October 2015

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    What specific features make the Razer Diamondback gaming mouse stand out in terms of sensitivity compared to other gaming mice?

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