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Vivitek Company, which last year embarked on a radical renovation of its brand line-up, has recently presented 12 laser projector models of different purposes to the public at once. The choice is a nice thing and extremely important for every interested consumer, but can that be the only reason for such a great premiere?? Of course not: the thing is, you can see quite a bit of flexibility and specialization in each Vivitek projector. Solutions for classrooms or offices, small and medium-sized halls, video walls and professional video mapping – the new laser generation is capable of meeting any challenge for all basic usage scenarios.

Video equipment

Each model in this series is remarkable in its own way! For example, a series D4xxxZ, designed for screens about 3 meters wide, compares favorably with analogues with balanced characteristics and reasonable price – in fact, we are offered three devices with built-in standard optics, the same basic parameters, but different maximum resolution. The brightness of the projectors of this range reaches 5500 ANSI. This type of projectors is well suited to classrooms, smaller offices, classrooms and museum exhibits.

Video equipment

Vivitek also released two 4,000 ANSI laser models which can display a 150” diagonal image from a distance of 40 cm from the screen. The DW763Z-UST and DH765Z-UST are ideal for areas with limited space or where wall/ceiling mounting is difficult or impossible. Museum installations, digital signage, corporate halls and classrooms – there is a lot of work for UVF models!

As an advanced solution for video walls, the DK8500Z is recommended: it has a motorized lens and features an impressive 4K resolution 2716×1528 image with 7500 lumens. This projector embodies the technology of blending and warping of images, as well as the ability to use the device in portrait mode with a maximum rotation angle of 360 °.

There was also complemented a series of DU8000, at the moment it consists of three laser projectors, brightness of eight, ten and twelve thousand ANSI lumens respectively DU8090Z, DU8190Z, DU8193Z . As it should be for devices of such class, these projectors compensate the lack of mobility by excellent technical parameters and advanced networking features.

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Video technology


For example, the possibility of 3G-SDI and HDBaseT connection is implemented here which allows to transmit a signal without the slightest loss of quality even if the content source is relatively distant from the projector itself. Additional flexibility in installing the unit and setting image quality provides eight optional lenses in particular, a short-focus lens with 0 at a projection distance is provided here especially for small spaces .38:1 . Well-balanced performance, portrait mode and networking capability make them true all-rounders!

In addition, it is worth mentioning the DU9800Z projector with an incredible for single-chip DLP-technology brightness of 18000 Lumens. Thanks to the advantageous combination of features and more than a reasonable price tag, this model looks much more interesting than the majority of much more expensive classmates! By the way, this example clearly demonstrates the highest level of technological development of Vivitek company: to solve the problem of chip cooling in a relatively small laser projector with such an impressive brightness value – a task which seemed impossible just recently.

Video equipment


If these figures don’t ring a bell, let’s make a little analogy: you can find similar thermal performance in full fledged cinema projectors which can be several times bigger in size than DU9800Z and which use cooling systems that are much more powerful and massive. Special mention should be made of Constant Brightness function which allows the device to automatically maintain the desired brightness level even in dynamic lighting conditions.

To get acquainted with the complete list of current devices from Vivitek “laser” line you can always in the official site of the manufacturer or in the catalog of DIGIS GC, the official distributor of brand-name products for

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