The GENEVA XL docking station supports all Apple portable devices

At first glance it seems that the Geneva company’s products have ended up in the consumer electronics store by mistake. The appearance of these laconic devices with a grand piano finish and glossy plastic makes them appropriate for a designer’s boutique. The middle model in the lineup can be completed with a stand, together with which it looks like a one shelf speaker. In fact, it is not just a docking station, but also a CD player and everything you need for music lovers in a beautiful bottle. You can choose from a variety of versions to suit different interiors: austere black, white, eye-catching red or classic woodgrain.


Attractive appearance, great sound,

CD player.

Audio equipment

Considerable price, incompatibility with iPad.

Audio equipment

The canons of minimalism require the absence of external controls, a few buttons and a docking station port are hidden under a cover on the top panel. It also effectively protects the connector from dust.

All Apple portable devices with the appropriate proprietary iPod connector are supported, except the iPad. An impressive and well-hidden set of ports allows you to connect a network player, TV, and anything else that needs a speaker system.

About the sound we can say that it strikes the imagination, and it will not be an exaggeration. We’re used to saying that design puts certain restrictions on sound quality, and that’s doubly true for one-piece designs. But the Geneva XL leaves no stone unturned in the patterns of the past.

Full, physically palpable bass that complements the full-bodied frequency spectrum comparable to a good floor-standing speaker. Stereo sound is sacrificed for compact size, but it’s nonetheless well worth the effort. It should be noted that you can get a good panorama from a pair of speakers only if they are properly placed and from a certain point in the room, the same device is free from such restrictions.

In short, it’s a dream come true for interior designers and anyone who cares about decorating their living space. These qualities, combined with excellent musicianship, are extremely rare.

The price is set according to its merits – such a device, perfect in every way, cannot be cheap. But the positive emotions it is able to provide in such a volume that the money will not be spent in vain.

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