The first swallows from the fields of paradise

Big changes are coming to Wharfedale company’s lineup: the other day the manufacturer officially introduced a new series of Elysian think “heavenly” speakers. We already know that the lineup will include a number of flagship-class speakers designed for a relatively wide audience.


Elysian 2


Elysian 4

The first step is to get acquainted with two representatives of the family: floor-standing Elysian 4 speakers and shelf-top Elysian 2. The popular form factor, several color options and rounded chassis design typical for Wharfedale is the first thing that catches your eye when reading the official press release, but… what’s inside? The exact specifications of the novelties are unknown yet, but it is obvious that both models will be at least three-way, and this already looks promising.

The manufacturer reports that the new speakers show almost a reference for its category sound, and used materials allow them to combine a classic concept of beauty and modern premium aesthetics. Under the hand-lacquered casing hides AMT Air Motion Transformer high-frequency transducers and powerful bass drivers. The latter, by the way, are not only developed but also produced in Europe – also an indicator!

In listing the benefits of the Elysian models, Wharfedale representatives also emphasize the precise and balanced sound, the crossovers developed specifically for this series, the excellent price-performance ratio, the minimum distortion and high definition of each note, even at high volumes.

Price and availability

The exact cost of new models on the American market will be announced later, but according to preliminary data the Elysian 4 will cost 575.000 and Elysian 2 – in 395.00 Dollars.

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