The Electrolux Inspiro Smart Oven gives you the freedom to explore

Professional chefs know exactly when, how and at what temperature to set all their meals. The Electrolux Inspiro oven gives you one-touch access to hundreds of automatic cooking programs and saves up to 30% on energy costs compared to conventional ovens.

Electrolux Inspiro oven

Now everyone can prepare even the most complicated dishes with confidence. The new features of the Inspiro oven are a great example of how Electrolux uses the expertise of professionals to make life easier for ordinary users.

Electrolux is the European leader in the production of professional equipment for restaurants and laundries. Every second chef, who received the prestigious Michelin stars, uses Electrolux equipment in his work. As part of its new Inspiration range of appliances, Electrolux introduces the Inspiro oven – each new feature has been thoroughly tested by professionals. Open up new possibilities with the Inspiro.

To use the knowledge in your Inspiro oven, simply select a dish from the menu and place the pan with the ingredients you want on the recommended cooking level. Preheating is not necessary. The oven will recognize the amount of food and then program the right cooking time and temperature using a database drawn up by professional chefs.

The Electrolux Smart Oven gives you freedom to explore new avenues over a period of time. Minutes after you start the oven, it tells you the estimated cooking time, unlike other ovens with pre-programmed recipes, the Inspiro corrects the temperature by selecting and combining various settings such as under or over heating, convection, grill, etc.d.

A few minutes after you start cooking, the oven shows you the estimated cooking time. When it’s ready, it beeps and turns off automatically. If you want you can manually control the work of the Inspiro.

Elegant design

For a new line of electric household appliances Inspiration is characterized by a harmonious combination of clean lines, smooth curves and modern materials. “Our design can be summed up in three key words: modern, recognizable and premium,” says Thomas Johanssen, Electrolux Design Director.

A simple and intuitive interface with icons and text, high-quality white LED lights, black glass, polished stainless steel, a new shape handle and the signature VelvetClosing soft-close door make the appearance of the Inspiro a refined and perfect investment.

The Inspiro has been perfected based on 90 years of Electrolux expertise in professional kitchens.

Updated grids allow up to nine baking tray layouts. Combined with the easy-to-install telescopic rails, the Inspiro oven is the best way to organize your interior space. It also allows you to cook on three levels at the same time.

The core probe connection is now located on the front of the oven, making it very easy and safe to connect.

Ordinary consumers, just like professional chefs, are held to a high standard of cleanliness, but they usually don’t have the time to clean their ovens regularly. That’s why the Inspiro has a pyrolytic cleaning system that turns burnt food particles into ash, which can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Additionally, the Inspiro has a built-in filter that cleans the exhaust air.

Main features and benefits

All the features of conventional high-end ovens, plus the expertise of professional cooks:

  • Electrolux’s smart Inspiro oven is capable of taking into account the volume of food being cooked
  • Uses a database of information gathered from a team of professional chefs and selects the time, temperature and cooking mode by itself, adjusting the appropriate settings during the cooking process
  • When the dish is ready a buzzer sounds and the oven switches off automatically
  • Electrolux Inspiro allows energy savings of up to 30% compared to conventional ovens.

A large working volume and the ability to use it efficiently:

  • The working volume of 74 liters allows you to cook more meals
  • The largest tray in a standard sized oven
  • Up to nine levels of tray placement can be used during cooking, thanks to new grates and telescopic rails
  • You can cook on three levels at the same time.

Touch-screen control panel:

  • White LEDs for a sophisticated look
  • Programmable recipes for your favorite foods
  • Simplified access to key features.

A temperature probe to determine the degree of readiness of food:

  • Connection socket on the front of the oven, not inside.

Pyrolytic cleaning system:

  • Easy cleaning of interior surfaces
  • No need to buy and use chemical detergents.

Design and ergonomics that deliver maximum comfort:

  • Bright interior lighting thanks to a light bulb that is located on the front instead of the back
  • VelvetClosing soft-close door
  • UltraFanPlus fan that ensures evenly heated foods.

Retail Price: 41 990 Dollars.

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