The DYSON V6 vacuum cleaner test: a superintendent of cleanliness with big capabilities

For a few years in my home supervises cleanliness Dyson DC41 c, and no problems with cleaning no. And so when the wireless Dyson V6 Total Clean came to me for testing, I didn’t think it would be particularly in demand: after all, what can this little guy do that his big brother can’t handle? But it turns out they both have their work cut out for them.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

DYSON V6 Total Clean – small vacuum cleaner with big capabilities

Dyson has a whole family of cordless vacuum cleaners.

What makes Total Clean unique?

Included with this device attached 5 nozzles, which cope with any kind of dirt and dust, leaving no trace of them.

Soft roller for hard floors

A vertical vacuum cleaner

The Fluffy mop pad with soft rollers is the latest development of DYSON engineers. Lentils are designed for cleaning hard surfaces such as floors, tiles, linoleum, etc.d. Nozzle coatings are soft and patchy. Its soft carbon fiber bristles pick up fine dust, and its nylon fiber pile picks up large debris.

Feature of the nozzle – a tight fit to the floor, which provides quality cleaning of cracks and joints.

The touch coating of the nozzle is very soft and delicate, its care can be trusted even the most expensive parquet, no microscratches guaranteed.

TEST NO. 1. Softness for hardness

Manufacturer claims that this nozzle easily copes not only with garbage, but also with the finest dust. Let’s check this statement.

Dumped finely torn papers on the parquet floor, dusted it from the windowsill with dried leaves of houseplants. Turn on the vacuum cleaner – the nozzle picked up everything at once. The most incredible thing is that you don’t even have to go over the same spot twice: one pass makes an area of the floor completely clean.

Making the job harder – moving to a kitchen with tiled flooring. There’s plenty of small and large debris on the floor after cooking and family dinners: bread crumbs, accidentally chopped herbs, and something not instantly identifiable. I sprinkle lentils to complete the picture. Now to cleaning. The result is immediate: I ran the brush and the floor is clean, no crumbs, no lentils.

Great result!

Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaners

I even wondered what the secret is behind such an effective brush? How it achieves this quality?

It turns out that a motor is built inside the roller, which allows you to centralize and properly distribute the weight and pressure. The carbon fiber bristles also help remove the static electricity that traps fine dust and allows the vacuum to pick it up.

In general, this brush – a real champion of cleaning floors. It picks up crumbs of litter that have fallen out of the cat’s container, light dust, and heavy pieces of dry food.

My personal impression is that the soft coating on the head also takes care of the floor, rubbing it gently but thoroughly while cleaning.

TEST #2. Hardness for softness

For cleaning carpets and rugs is designed with a direct drive 35W nozzle. Manufacturers claim it has 75% more power than the Dyson V6 Animalpro, which some of the “big” Dysons come with.

Put it to the test. Fortunately, I have a lot of carpets in my house: there’s a high pile carpet in the living room, and mats with short pile in the hallway and on the balcony. And there is enough difficult dirt, because there are children, and a cat, and even a turtle occasionally walks around the house.

Hand vacuums

Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming

The hardest part is vacuuming the carpet in the living room. How it always gets dirty is one of the unsolved mysteries of the universe. We’ve just vacuumed and there’s crumbs all over it again. Even a full-drive Dyson with a turbo brush takes quite a while to clean this carpet.

The direct drive vacuuming attachment does the job perfectly! It picks up all the dirt from the carpet quickly and thoroughly, and not only works better than a standard floor-cleaner, but also better than a turbo brush. No matter how dirty the carpet, 10 minutes max, and it’s clean.

Especially near the carpet put 2 vacuum cleaners and asked my son to vacuum the carpet with what he feels more comfortable – he always chose a cordless vacuum cleaner. So did my daughter. And I’ve always preferred to vacuum my own carpet with the Dyson V6 Total Clean – it’s easier, cleaner and faster.

It’s also very handy for cleaning the rug in the hallway. You don’t have to turn down the power, the carpet doesn’t stick to the brush, and all the dirt and grit that is not uncommon in the hallway ends up inside the vacuum in literally seconds.

The nozzle itself also needs periodic cleaning from hair and threads wrapped around the roller. Of course, it’s better to clean it after each cleaning, but if you haven’t done that, the nozzle will still twist and collect dirt.

To clean the roller it is convenient to use scissors: you trim the hairs, remove them, then trim them, etc.d. The process does not take much time, it’s literally a couple of minutes.

Great brush performance! I will miss it very much, it is indispensable for cleaning complex carpeting!


Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming


TEST #3. Mini for maxi

If you remove the aluminum tube and install a mini-electronic brush, DYSON V6 Total Clean turns into an ultra-compact vacuum cleaner, which is convenient to clean soft sofas and chairs. It is also handy to take in the car to thoroughly vacuum the seats in the cabin.

Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming

I have vacuumed all my upholstered furniture with this brush. The result is very good. The best thing in this case is the compact design. It cleans quickly and you wonder why a clean, at first sight, sofa receives so much dust, because the container is never empty, everything we have to breathe and come into contact with gets into it from the depths of upholstery.

Vacuum cleaners with a washbowl

TEST #4. For all tasks

The DYSON V6 Total Clean comes with two more attachments for more specific applications. It is a combination and crevice nozzle.

Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming

Vertical Vacuum Cleaners

Long brush nozzle – 25 cm. You should agree that with this length you can look into all the crevices and get the dust from everywhere, nowhere it can’t hide.

I got it really good at getting dirt out of the gap between the closet and the wall a regular nozzle can’t get through there and between the dishwasher and the foot of the dresser, where there’s always some trash.

Combination nozzle can be hard and soft. It picks up scattered debris quickly, and I vacuumed all the stuffed animals in my house with it, of which there are a great many.

Again, in order to clean all the toys, it is inconvenient to take out a stationary vacuum cleaner, and cordless with removed aluminum tube becomes a handy tool for such small but very important things.

Robotic vacuum cleaners

Where there is a big one, where there is a small one

DYSON V6 Total Clean became my daily helper for fast cleaning, in addition, it perfectly vacuums the carpet, and it is very easy to do “small things”: vacuuming toys and sofas without the aluminum tube , to clean the dust from the ventilation grilles with aluminum tube . At the same time a large stationary vacuum cleaner helped me clean the apartment on a weekly basis. I used it to vacuum the floors and the bookshelves.

I realized that two vacuum cleaners in the house is not a luxury, but a necessity: because in this case you choose the perfect tool for different tasks. It is stupid to take out a big vacuum cleaner for a quick dirt cleaning in the hallway after returning from a walk, and it is just as difficult to clean 80 square meters with a wireless small – not because it can not cope, just not enough battery power, and it’s a bit heavy to keep pushing the button.

Care and charging

Container volume 0.4 liters. It is easy enough to clean the dirt: just press the button and shake out the contents into a bag. Sometimes I have to help with the hand, especially if the bin is too full. It has enough volume for 2 or 3 good vacuums, but it’s better to clean it after each one. The container can be completely removed for cleaning, as well as all vacuum cleaners DYSON. By the way, the manufacturer categorically recommends not to exceed the MAX mark in the container, so as not to clog the mesh screen. It is so you don’t get your hands dirty cleaning the dustbin.

Once a month the filters need a “bath”, the instructions are all detailed.

Important: rinse filters with cold water and in the opposite direction to airflow. They must be dried only naturally, without hair dryers, batteries, towels or direct sunlight.

Vacuum cleaner can be mounted on the wall in a special module. Conveniently, the unit has storage space for attachments, but only for two. Since this model has 5 nozzles, for three of them you need additional storage space.

Vacuum cleaning robots


Although it is small, it has 2 operating modes – normal power and high power. Switching can be done while the vacuum cleaner is running. A circular blue light illuminates at maximum power. Vacuum cleaner “remembers” the mode of operation: if you cleaned at maximum power, on the same it will turn on.

Vacuum cleaners

Always keep your finger on the trigger.

The light blinks blue when the battery runs out, but you don’t always notice it, especially if you’re immersed in the cleaning process.

What I liked:

  • High power vacuum cleaner, allowing the “baby” to clean everything quickly and easily.
  • Variety of high-tech nozzles for all kinds of jobs and surfaces. My personal favorites are the ones for hard floors and carpets.
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble and clean.
  • The maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner: the nozzles can easily rotate in all directions.
  • Two modes of operation.

What I didn’t like:

  • Despite the presence of indicator, I did not always notice that it began to flash, and therefore often battery charging ended unexpectedly, as they say, “at the most interesting” place.
  • It seems to me that it is time to provide a mode of operation which will not need to press the button all the time. Battery lasts about half an hour in regular mode, pulling the trigger for half an hour gets your finger tired. Note from the manufacturer: we are working to make pushing the button even easier. But push-button activation is needed to conserve energy, so the vacuum cleaner effectively collects dust for up to 30 minutes instead of wasting energy by running idle.
  • Weight is clearly a measure of reliability and reliability of major components, but it is still weightier and harder to hold than a large vacuum cleaner with nozzle.

The features

TECHNOLOGIES: 2 Tier Radial – 15 cyclones in two rows working in parallel to increase airflow power and effectively sieve dust from the air.

MOTOR: digitally controlled, rotating at 110,000 rpm

FILTERING: First Step: The Tier Radial 2 Cyclone System. Second step: an efficient filter located behind the motor. It traps any remaining particles, including allergens and bacteria down to 0.3 microns.

POWER OF SUCCESSING: max 100 Watts/economy. 28 aW.

BATTERY: rechargeable Li-ion battery run time: 6/20 mins without brush., with power brush 6/17 min.

Noise LEVEL: max 87dB.

DIMENSIONS: 1180x250x208 mm. WEIGHT: 2.1 kg.


WARRANTY: 2 years. WORK LIFE: 7 years.


New nozzles allow you to achieve a higher level of cleaning of all surfaces. Vacuum cleaner DYSON V6 Total Clean – jack of all trades, it can be big, to easily reach the farthest corners and crevices, and small, to quickly wipe dust off the table top or vacuum clean stuffed toys. The reliable filtering system ensures clean air after cleaning, and all dust, including invisible dirt and particles, remains inside the device.

Robot vacuum cleaners

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