The Dremel tile tool works on any tile

Ceramic tile is a practical and long-lasting material. In modern design, it is not only used in the bathroom or kitchen, but is also actively used in the decor. Some tips to make tile holes neatly.


What you’ll need:

  • Dremel 4000
  • ceramic wall tiles
  • Safety glasses
  • ceramic wall tile cutting kit 566 : cutting guide and ceramic tile cutter 562.

Let’s get to work

Insert the drill into the collet of the tool. Screw the cutting guide onto the threads and adjust the height. Note that with the ceramic wall tile cutting kit 566 , you can easily adjust the depth when working with material up to 19mm thick.

Set the Dremel 4000 to a maximum speed of 30,000 rpm. It is high speed, so there is a risk that your hand might drift. To avoid this, lean on the table. Be sure to clamp the tiles with the clamps facing upwards.

Mark up the future holes. Start by working in jerky strokes to avoid chipping on the glossy finish. After that, use a drill to cut through the tile.

Useful to know:

  • You can use any Dremel high-speed multitool for this type of work.
  • The ceramic tile cutting drill 562 is not recommended for floor tiles, as it will shorten its life.
  • Use the DremelDSM20 compact saw and the DSM40 diamond tile cutting disc DSM540 to cut floor tiles.
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