The CROWN line of Hansa washing machines: Every housewife will feel like a queen

Impeccable appearance, high technology and reliability – all this combines a new line of washing machines Crown from Hansa experts. Every housewife will feel like a queen: models are indispensable for those who are careful in choosing appliances and likes to wash with maximum comfort.


The new Hansa models allow you to wash your favorite items with confidence. Thanks to the honeycomb technology which creates a thin film of water, the Soft Drum drum prevents damage to laundry even when wringing at 1400 rpm./minute. The Crown range has been certified for Woolmark for washing woolen items.All Crown washing machines have energy efficiency class A+++ and are equipped with the Turbo mode, which allows reducing the washing time by up to 25% in some programs and not only saving resources, but also significantly saving the family budget.

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The new washing machines have a user-friendly interface. All elements of the control panel: Rotary Switch, digital display, LED elements, simple and clear markings of functions and options make the control of the washing machine easy and comfortable.

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The Crown line includes full-size series with a maximum load capacity of 7 and 9 kilograms, as well as narrow washing machines with a depth of 45 cm.The range also includes narrow models with extra load, which can wash 8kg of laundry in just 47 cm of depth!

Hansa developers took care of the technological capabilities of Crown models.Thus, the function of additional loading of laundry allows you to add items at any stage of washing, even during the rinse or spin. Pre-wash mode allows you to add a 20-minute pre-wash cycle before the main program.

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Washing with Crown models is not only technological but also safe: the entire range is equipped with imbalance control, foam and water overflow, as well as with surge control and child protection system.

These models will go on sale in August for the price starting from 24 700 Dollars.

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