The Bosch Rotak 40 lawn mower – a universal solution for any lawn

Even if an intensive work schedule gets in the way of lawn care, you don’t have to fear the impending encounter with overgrown grass. Cylinder lawnmower

Bosch Rotak 40

Hardened steel blade, innovative air-flow technology and a large grass catcher box make it the universal solution for any cutting task.


Garden technology

The lawnmower is as effective for regular lawn care as it is for occasional home visits. Thanks to the innovative Leafcollect system, a rising air stream fills the capacious grass catcher box instantly and residuefree. The comfortable, AGR-certified Ergoflex Handles let you fulfil a long-held dream and make working a pleasure, while the innovative grass guide helps you to mow along walls, curbs and decorative hedges.


Gardening machinery

Gardening equipment

Powerful solution for the cleanest lawn

The Bosch Rotak mower cuts the grass evenly with its high-speed Powerdrive motor+. The high torque ensures that the hardened steel blade does not get caught in long, soft grass or crush it. The optimised ergonomics of the housing and the 1,700 Watt motor creates an intensive and continual air flow that carries the cuttings into the grass catcher box.

What’s more, the LeafCollect blade, with its extra teeth, combined with powerful air lift, can even help you to pick up fallen leaves.

These many advantages make the Rotak 40 one of the most comfortable garden tools on the market. Besides high capacity, it is also the best cuttings collection model in its class: up to 99% of the cuttings are collected in the hopper, which has an impressive capacity of 50 liters.


Gardening Equipment

Stylish design, ergonomics and convenience in operation and storage

The new generation Rotak mowers are visually appealing and require very little storage space. Weighing just 12.6 kilos, the Rotak 40 is one of the lightest electric lawnmowers in its class. Comfortable, rubber wheels and light weight make it easy to mow even a very large area without fatigue and can be easily transported in the trunk of a car. The Rotak 40 comes with the tried-and-tested and proven Ergoflex System.

They are multi-position handles, Aktion Gesunder R certified&uuml cken AGR , one of Europe’s most reputable organizations in the field of spinal problems. The adaptive handle relieves strain on muscles, sinews and joints, reduces fatigue and makes mowing the lawn a pleasure.

And finally the best part. You don’t have to go back to an area you’ve already finished You don’t have to go back to an area you’ve already finished with a trimmer. The Rotak 40 is equipped with a unique and innovative guide system that enables you to mow around the edges of curbs, walls and flowerbeds.

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