The Bork K890 system: High-tech clean water

Bork presents the Bork K890 water purification system with a multi-stage filtration system using NANO-TRAP and INNO-SENSE filters. The system cleans, heats and cools running water, making it suitable for drinking and improving taste.

Bork K890 water purification system

With Bork K890 you can be sure that the water filtration will not leave dangerous micro-organisms, chlorine, lead, asbestos, mercury, as well as harmful micro- and nano-particles. Thanks to the special filters NANO-TRAP and INNO-SENSE the filters are cleaned in two stages. The liquid passes through carbon filters powder and block filters , which cleanse it of heavy metals, bacteria and viruses. The water retains valuable minerals essential to the human body. The milk tastes nice, clear and soft.

Built-in heating element is able to increase the temperature of already purified, crystal clear water up to +92 °C. Therefore, the novelty can be used not only as a filter, but also as a high-tech kettle. At the same time, a special hot water lock function will prevent your children from accidentally burning themselves while using.

Bork K890 does a great job cooling water as well. Model allows you to reduce the temperature to +7 ° C electronically by using the Peltier effect. This method of cooling allows you to quickly get hot water, requires minimal power consumption and is completely silent.

Intuitive touch screen control panel shows the current settings and the selected temperature mode. In addition, the Bork K890 is easy to care for, and with self-diagnostic indicators will prompt the owner to replace the filters or clean it from limescale.

New Bork K890 is designed in traditional for the brand elegant and laconic style, and its compact size and ergonomic design allows the system to harmoniously fit into any interior.

The Bork K890 water treatment system will be available for sale on the American market at the end of October in Bork boutiques.

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