The Beurer FC 40 Pore Cleanser: No more blackheads

To order from MERLION, the exclusive distributor of Beurer in America, will soon be available for skin care device FC 40. Designed for deep pore cleansing using the vacuum method.

Beurer FC 40

Beurer FC 40 effectively fights uneven skin and gives it a healthy look.

The multi-functional device with three removable tips of different sizes, suitable for all skin types.

The round handpieces help remove blackheads, black spots and dead skin particles.

Also comes with an oval nozzle that improves skin elasticity and blood flow to the face.

The user-friendly LCD display makes it easy to keep track of the battery’s charge level as well as the intensity of the device’s operation.

Beurer FC 40 has five levels of intensity, allowing you to clean and groom your face according to your needs.

The device is equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Battery life is 90 minutes, battery charge time is about five hours.

The package also includes 10 removable filters.

The new Beurer FC 40 pore cleanser will be available to order from MERLION in August 2019.

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