The best smartphones from the beginning of 2021 according to Roskachestvo

Roskachestvo has updated the rating of the best smartphones, consisting of 171 models. Eleven more 2020-2021 models have been added to the ranking. Among them is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which immediately managed to get into the top 5. What is the difference between the three smartphones of the S21 line? Which novelty to choose among the best smartphones in terms of performance? Which flagship smartphone is better? What smartphones for value for money and quality you should pay attention to? Answers to these questions in this review, which includes only new smartphones from recent months.


Test program developed and implemented by Roskachevo together with international institutes of consumer testing and research on the quality of goods. The results of the fan study were simultaneously communicated to consumers in several countries by organizations similar to Roskachevo. See [ HERE ] for the full survey results and overall ranking. Only smartphone models were included in the recommendations after the new study. Use the ranking filters by year to sort.

Samsung’s best flagship smartphone

Earlier this year, Samsung introduced a new flagship model, the Galaxy S21, in three variants at once – Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21. While the premium variant Galaxy S21 Ultra made it to the TOP-5 of our general ranking, the other two models ranked in the TOP-30: the difference between them is minimal, despite the not-so-minimal difference in price.

Before the start of the study, Roskachestvo conducted a consumer survey of expectations from the new Samsung S21 line.

Stanislav Polubinsky, Director of the Department of Analysis and Project Management of Roskachevo.

“Only 9.5% of respondents expected it to be a big technological step forward. Despite low user expectations, the Galaxy S21 Ultra still performed very well to make it into the top five overall smartphone rankings. Overall, the Galaxy S21 lineup was an important, but not as significant, update to the S20.”

Experts paid special attention to the smartphone’s camera – tests showed good colors in photos and the highest level of detail, with almost no noise in all modes. In addition, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is also a rugged gadget, which got away with a few scratches on the body after our “drum” test. The owner of the Galaxy S21 Ultra gets an improved display, a higher-capacity battery, a more advanced camera set, and more RAM. All this allowed the Galaxy S21 Ultra to take a much higher position in the ranking, although it also has a higher price than the “younger” variants. For more on what makes the Galaxy S21 Ultra the best smartphone of early 2021, see the Roskatchestvo portal.

Now about a few ambiguous points that may affect the choice of a smartphone. Samsung did not offer microSD support and a 3.5mm audio output for headphones in the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Following Apple, the smartphone’s package has been reduced: it now does not include headphones and a charger, which must be purchased separately. According to the rules of our research program, in this case the charging speed tests were conducted with a 5-watt charger, and this affected the overall score. So, with a 5-watt charger Galaxy S21 Ultra charged only for 3.5 hours, while with 25-watt – for 75 minutes. Autonomously smartphone will work 31.5 hours.

And China is not lagging behind

Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi also keep up with the competition and have released one or more new models each this year.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro 256GB with a price of 81,990 Dollars, like other Huawei smartphones, still comes without services from Google for many fans of the brand this has ceased to be a problem . The battery will allow the smartphone to work autonomously for 28 hours, it fully charges in 45 minutes. The Mate 40 Pro has a triple main camera 50MP with an ultra-wide camera 20MP , and video recording at 4K@60fps. The camera takes very high-quality photos with high detail and good color balance. The smartphone is equipped with an eight-core HiSilicon Kirin 9000, which brought 5 points in performance tests. Powerful chipset, excellent camera and large display deservedly brought the Mate 40 Pro to the second place in the rating of smartphones for the end of 2020 – 2021.

Now about the small disadvantages of the model. The glass case of the Mate 40 Pro cracked after 100 drops, although the smartphone continued to work. In addition, there is no microSD support, but there is support for NM Nano Memory cards, which will not be convenient for everyone. And following the general trend, Huawei has removed 3.5 mm audio output, so for audiophiles with wired headphones Mate 40 Pro will not do.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T 128GB with a price of 19 400 Dollars – more than worthy gadget in its price range. Redmi Note 9T has several strengths. First, the sound quality of stereo speakers which brought the model to the top smartphones with the best sound quality . Secondly, the durability: during the drum test after 100 drops the gadget remained undamaged. Thirdly, battery life: once charged, the smartphone will last 50 hours. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T is a good choice for those who need a rugged, “long-lasting” smartphone, powerful enough to cope with all everyday tasks.



The top smartphones on the price-quality ratio

Roskachestvo research regularly reveals to consumers smartphone models that are little inferior to expensive flagship models in terms of price-quality ratio.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G 128GB – one of the leaders in our rating of “newcomers” for value for money. At a price of 21,390 Dollars, which is several times lower than the prices of flagship models, it takes third place in the ranking of smartphones this year. About the technical characteristics of the device you can find out on the Roskachestvo portal.

At the same time with the Nord N10 5G was released another model – OnePlus Nord N100 64GB with a price almost two times lower. The main difference between Nord N100 and Nord N10 except for the 5G support which is not relevant for the Americans yet is the weaker processor and the lower resolution display of the budget model.

For fans of the legendary “indestructible” Nokia

Nokia 2.4 – a very simple basic smartphone with the price of 9490 Dollars. It is suitable for those for whom it will probably be the first smartphone and who only need the basic functions. The undoubted merits of this model – durability and reliability. After 100 drops the smartphone got rid of a few scratches and continued to work without problems. The model can not compete with the performance smartphones, but at a low price will suit those who are not chasing the latest innovations and wants a simple, reliable smartphone.

Which smartphone to choose? Recommendations from Roskachestvo experts

Stanislav Polubinsky, Director of the Department of Analysis and Project Management of Roskachevo.

“If the year of release of a smartphone is not important for you, but you want a model that has not lost relevance, then you can always refer to the top 30 of our overall rating, where you can find proven flagships of past years. Manufacturers reduce prices on them, so you can save a lot of money”

If you need a smartphone with the best camera this year, then you should pay attention to the flagship models Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or Huawei Mate 40 Pro. They are also worth choosing if high performance is important. On a shoestring budget, the OnePlus Nord N10 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T are the leaders in the price-quality category. For those who plan to buy a smartphone for basic tasks, the Nokia 2 will do.4. Use filters in the Roskatchestvo ranking to sort models by year of study.

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