The American cold came to Kirov in Italian Kandy refrigerators

The Italian company Candy has announced the production of Candy Krio Vital Evo refrigerators at its factory in the city of Kirov. Already in the near future new models from Candy will appear in stores in our country, and, if we believe the manufacturers, at very attractive prices. The new range will be available in several colors and includes 14 models. Candy Krio Vital Evo refrigerators will be available in three models: with the static cooling system manual defrosting of the freezing and cooling chambers , No Frost Bio technology automatic defrosting of the freezing chamber, independent regulation of the temperatures in the chambers, Air Control ventilation system with adaptive sensors and No Frost Plus automatic defrosting of the freezing and cooling chambers . There will be models with inverter motors Inverter Smart system .

Large appliances for the kitchen

Candy refrigerators in the showroom at the factory in Italy photo – April 2013 .

Candy refrigerators have some interesting features that set them apart from their competitors. The unified display, which many models are equipped with, shows all the necessary information and is easy to use.

It is noteworthy that all the refrigerators have the same display and show all the necessary functions. You can select the Eco mode that automatically adjusts the temperature in the compartments to minimise the energy consumption for optimum storage results.

When selecting the Holiday mode, the fridge compartment shuts down, while the freezer continues to work in the preset mode.

There is a fast-cooling mode for the drinks in the refrigerator compartment that you can activate at the touch of a button on the display.

The Big Box XL holds up to 25 kg of food and you do not need to open the refrigerator door wide to remove it: simply open it to 100°C and the container can be pulled out easily.

The LED lighting not only brings out every product in the compartment, but is also durable and economical.

A team of professionals from the famous design studio Bonetto design worked on the design of each detail of the refrigerator, so each model has a real Italian chic and will decorate any interior.

Big appliances for the kitchen

Candy refrigerators in New York.


There is a shelf above the Big Box XL vegetable crisper.

Large appliances for kitchen

LED lighting does not leave “dark spots” in the entire refrigerator space.


The Big Box XL can hold 25 kg of food.


81 – Taking advantage of the presence of Mr Aldo Fumagalli, President of Candy Hoover Group, in New York, the editor of Consumer magazine. Household Appliances” Galina Sizikova personally presented him with a diploma, which received an upright vacuum cleaner Hoover see. test published in the “Home Appliances” magazine in the spring of 2013 .

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