The 2930US and 2930 TVs from TCL

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of home appliances and consumer electronics, the company TCL, presents on the American market new models of TVs 2930US and 2930.

Video technology

The 2930US is designed to be an outstanding product with a metal housing and low price. The new items support HDR high dynamic range brightness technology and are equipped with state-of-the-art backlighting. Thin TVs allow you to discover new picture quality in 4K. Unbelievable picture clarity thanks to powerful six-core graphics processor.

The 2930US comes with Smart TV functions. Android operating system supports content downloading, making it possible to watch movies and listen to music in the best quality. TV+ 2 user interface.Provides firmware upgrades to continually enhance the TV’s functionality and meet rapidly changing standards.

The new models also have Bluetooth built-in for wireless connection of different sound systems to the TV. Miracast brings your media content directly from your cell phone or tablet to your TV screen. The model also has a dual-band Wi-Fi router that works on frequencies 2.4GHz and 5GHz, allowing for a more stable wireless connection and faster data transfer speeds.


The 2930 is a Full HDTV. Novelty supports both analog television and all formats of digital TV. Wide viewing angle allows you to get excellent picture quality without the slightest distortion.

The new TCL TV is exceptionally easy to use, and its interface is intuitive. The device allows you to watch videos directly from a USB-drive thanks to all the necessary connectors and interfaces. DVB-T2 tuner lets you watch digital quality channels without additional equipment. Sound Dolby Digital will make the owner of the TV-participant of the events along with the movie characters. Stereo, powerful, bass-enriched sound leaves no one indifferent.

Both models support a variety of useful digital features such as teletext, sleep timer, parental control, etc. Electronic TV Guide allows you to schedule shows and movies 7 days in advance. Models offer a choice of subtitle language.

The 2930US and 2930 TVs from TCL are already available in retail.

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