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Dyson unveiled its new masterpiece back in the fall of 2011, created by a team of engineers led by James Dyson. The main advantage of the novelty is excellent maneuverability and stability, allowing it to slide easily on any surface without hitting the furniture and without turning over. To assess all the capabilities of vacuum cleaner Dyson DC37, we took him to test in the conditions of an ordinary New York apartment.

Dyson DC37 Allergy Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Cylindrical vacuum cleaner with Ball steering system

POWER: 290w suction, 27l/sec airflow.

FILTERING: Cyclonic technology Radial Root Cyclone catches dust particles smaller than 0.5 microns , pre-motor filter, mesh screen, 2L transparent container volume, filtration level 99.9999%.

CONTROL: button on the body, mechanical power control on the tube, button for winding the cord on the body, the button to remove the container on the body.

CONSTRUCTION: ball-shaped housing consisting of 112 components, steering mechanism, lowered center of gravity, electric motor in lower part of the ball, built-in air duct in the center, centralized cable storage system, automatic cable winding, noise level ranging from 80 to 83 dB.

INCLUSION: Floor/carpet brush, large furniture brush, nozzle combo, dusting nozzle stored on the tube, Musclehead with automatic floor/carpet switch optional , turbo brush Triggerhead optional .

overall dimensions: 507x261x368 mm. WEIGHT: 7, 57 kg.



Vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning Dyson DC37 Allergy Parquet

Vacuum cleaner

Dyson DC37

It looks absolutely fantastic! It bears little resemblance to similar devices.

The body of the device is designed in the form of a ball. The design is two movable hemispheres that easily rotate when you move the unit, and help it not get bogged down in the carpet lint.

There are also two little wheels at the base to make it manoeuvrable and controllable. The next element is the cyclonic system and the transparent dust container. This group looks even slightly larger in volume than the body.

But at the same time the center of gravity – it is a ball, which accommodates 112 elements, including the motor and cable storage system.

On the other side of the balloon, the nozzle tube is attached. In general, despite the miniaturization of all components, assembled vacuum cleaner takes quite a lot of space: with a free hanging hose – 1.5 m, with the retracted hose – 1 m with the retracted hose and folded pipe – 70 cm.

Check its maneuverability

To move the vacuum cleaner

Dyson DC37

you can simply hold it by the handle: it rolls along obediently, like a well-trained dog. You do not need to strain your hand.

When cleaning, you get a different movement order: the ball-bearing body is at the back and easily pushes the entire vacuum cleaner forward. You do not have to exert any effort and the vacuum cleaner silently and unnoticeably follows you.

By the way the radius of action of the device is huge: from the brush and to the tip of the cord – 9 m 60 cm. An average American room can be cleaned without having to change the vacuum cleaner’s sockets.

Connecting the pieces

Dyson DC37

– Like a good Lego set: assembling it is a pleasure! All the parts: the brush, the tube, etc.d. – connected and disconnected by pressing special buttons. It’s quick, easy and convenient.


Vacuum cleaners

Short pile mat.

They are always difficult to vacuum because the machines are ready to “swallow” them along with the dust. Power

Dyson DC37

had to reduce.

You can do it with one move of your index finger, since the mechanical switch is located under the handle.

The vacuum cleaned the dust, hair and threads well.

Long pile carpet.

The vacuum cleaner is so powerful that it even lifted a large carpet when vacuuming its edge. Small and large debris the nozzle “floor/mopper” removed easily, a little longer to clean hair and hair for quality cleaning of such dirt requires a turbo-brush, our configuration did not have it .

The only trouble – in the tube at the nozzle stuck a small piece of cardboard, to get it out of there was a very difficult task. It was not a big nuisance, but it did increase the noise level significantly during cleaning.


The floor/mopper head doesn’t scratch your parquet, just moves easily across it, picking up all the debris. No problem.

Upholstered furniture

It comes with

Dyson DC37

Presented at once two nozzles: a wide soft brush and a small combi crevice/soft . So all the sofas, chairs, etc.d. can be cleaned comfortably. In addition, a small brush can be used to vacuum the computer keyboard.


Cleaned with a crevice brush. As with all brushes combi, penetration in the tightest places is hampered by the bristles it makes the nozzle in the middle part is a little thicker .


Cleaning the dustbin is a very hygienic process. Disconnect the unit with a container from the vacuum cleaner by simply pressing the button on the body of the device.

We put a bag under the container and press the button – the lid opens, the trash falls out. The pre-motor filter is easy to remove. Once a month it is recommended to wash. After several of our vacuum cleanings, when the bin was nearly 50% full, the filter was good as new.


The noise level when cleaning is quite high – the vacuum cleaner

Dyson DC37

The buzzing sound was so loud that you couldn’t hear the telephone ringing or the buzzer ringing on the intercom. He must have been looking for dust and tried very hard to his own roar. But the noise corresponds to the manufacturer’s data in the user manual – I looked there one more time. When the vacuum cleaner first hummed, we something involuntarily began to smell: after the first cleaning in the living room there was a smell of plastic.

Important note

In a home test, we could not assess the purity of filtration. BUT! There was no dust in the air and it was not flying around the room. That’s why there is an opinion that all of it is left in the vacuum cleaner as much as possible. There seems to be nowhere else to go…

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