Test TV Panasonic Viera TX-LR37DT30


Advantages: Good picture detail when displaying through HDMI, colors do not change when viewing angle is changed.



Weaknesses: no significant disadvantages noted. Not very wide range of auto-voltage.

Panasonic Viera TX-LR37DT30 TV

Full HD LCD TV with LED backlighting and 3D support, 37″ diagonal


Component input, Composite, 2 USB, 3 HDMI sockets, D-Sub, antenna socket, SCART, LAN.

USB slot, headphone jack, SD slot, CI, HDMI connector to the side.


This model belongs to the new series of Full HD 3D LCD TVs with LED backlighting, developed on the basis of new IPS Alpha LCD matrix. IPS Alpha panel provides wide viewing angles the image quality remains practically unchanged when the viewing angle is deviated from the central axis and also has the 400 Hz backlight scanning technology Intelligent Frame Creation Pro. This is designed to provide high-quality 3D playback – clear, crisp, and without visible cross-distortion.

To improve the motion performance of the IPS Alpha panel during its development, the liquid crystal cells were brought closer together and liquid crystals made of advanced materials with a high response rate were used. When forming a picture in the model is minimized mutual interference image frames for the right and left eye, using the same method that is used in plasma panels. This is designed to greatly reduce crosstalk for quality 3D playback.

Thanks to the LED backlighting and intelligent control of the brightness level for different parts of the picture, the intensity of the background light is adjusted for each scene. This is used to achieve a high level of contrast and deep black color reproduction.

Also worth noting is the high light conductivity of the panel. Its imaging system uses the Local Dimming method, which controls the dimming of some parts of the backlight to achieve a high level of brightness with less power consumption.

400 Hz Backlight Scanning BLS technology inserts three new interpolated frames into the picture and adds another processing cycle, alternating the lower and upper backlighting of each frame for clear and high quality motion.

Other important functional distinctions of these series models are: the Viera Connect system, the possibility of wireless Wi-Fi connection to the network via USB port with an optional adapter , the option of Skype video calls, the Viera Image Viewer service, DLNA support, four HDMI terminals, three USB ports, and the color-calibration menu according to the ISF procedure.


Panasonic Viera TX-LR37DT30 displays deep black and white colors, has a large margin of colors, while the colors do not change when changing the viewing angle, thanks to the use of IPS Alpha panel.

When playing a 1080p signal through the HDMI input, the resolution is about 850 TV lines. Motion is displayed smoothly.

Quality of black shades display is quite good, bright scenes detail is not bad. Average margin of brightness.

On a standard definition signal, the motion is slightly noticeable with the comb on the oblique lines, but the motion is also displayed quite smoothly.

The color palette is quite natural, although the skin colors are just a little bit too pinkish.

There is a 3-step adjustment of the temperature and bitmap background.

When inputting a 1080i signal to the component input, the resolution is about 680 TV lines. No digital artifacts like combing from the distance you expect to see.

The picture looks “warmer”, the colors are quite natural, a little bit saturated in some places.

Quality of blacks not bad, medium brightness margin.

The detail of bright scenes is not bad.

For convenience, there is a rich selection of preset picture modes: “dynamic”, “normal”, “cinema”, “True Cinema”, “game”, “photo”.


Panasonic Viera TX-LR37DT30 built-in speaker has enough volume reserve for comfortable listening, without noticeable distortion. There are preset sound modes, as well as an 8-band equalizer for detailed adjustment of the sound coloring.


Remote control model handy, black, with large numbers, the upper part is a navigation joystick, below – the buttons to control the external source.

A colorful menu is displayed on the left side of the screen, later expanding to the right with more detailed settings.

The Viera Connect function allows access to a variety of Internet services, such as Picasa photos, Tvigle movies, YouTube, games, etc.d. on the big screen.

A tamper-proof function is present, which can also be used to restrict access to Viera Connect.

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