Test Toshiba 32HL833R TV

Despite some shortcomings, the TV Toshiba 32HL833R is an inexpensive model with good image quality, able to decorate any room and give a lot of positive moments from watching.

Full HD LCD TV with LED backlight

Picture quality

The Toshiba 32HL833R picture is quite decent. The model has sufficient reserves of brightness, contrast and chromaticity, black is deep. No supersaturation, colors look natural. As is typical for Toshiba TVs, the user is given a lot of settings to adjust the picture as he sees fit. In some scenes there might be some blurring and jitter. Apparently, the lack of 100 Hz scanning still affects. There are also small complaints about the viewing angles, which are close to critical. At a large deviation from the center of the screen colors are distorted, contrast decreases.

Sound quality

For sound reproduction in this model are responsible two speakers – 5W each. Nothing supernatural they do not show – which is understandable with such power, there is always a lack of low-frequency component of the audio signal. Surround Sound “enhancer” does not improve the situation much.

Design Features

The exterior of the device is made in a strict classic style, but at the same time, recognizable. One glance is enough to tell that this is a Toshiba. On the front panel there are only status and timer indicators, the rest of the control buttons are on the left side. There are holes for wall bracket, but the bracket itself, as it usually happens, is offered to find and buy it by yourself. What is nice, the TV has a fairly small thickness – about 45 mm.


The set of connectors for switching is varied. Among the connectors on the rear panel there are component and composite video inputs, HDMI connector, SCART, D-Sub and antenna input. On the side panel there is a CI slot, another HDMI, a headphone jack and of course the USB port.

Service features

Among the characteristics are the built-in DVB-T/DVB-C digital tuner, although not relevant for America any more, Full HD support and the ability to play audio and video from external USB storage devices. The built-in media player does a pretty good job and understands all common formats. The TV menu is well done, and anyone can find the right setting without reading the manual.


The diagonal of 32″ 81cm

LED EDGE backlight type

Contrast 1200:1

1920×1080 resolution

16:9 aspect ratio

Brightness 400 cd/m2

8 ms response time

Viewing angle 178 deg

13 490 Dollars

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