Test toaster Vitek VT-1573 SR Tasty Slice

Small appliances for the kitchen


ACHIEVEMENTS: Our experts have concluded that the multi-functional, convenient and safe appliance offered to the consumer for very reasonable money: in our test, it won the nomination “BEST COMBINATION OF PRICE AND QUALITY”.

Disadvantages: Toasts are not evenly crisped.

Toaster Vitek VT-1573 SR Tasty Slice

Technical parameters


MANUFACTURING: Austria assembled in China.

POWER: 850 Watt.

NUMBER OF SEATS: two, 35mm wide.

FUNCTIONS: 6 cooking modes, defrosting, toast reheating, croissant and croissant heating.

ACCESSORIES: bread and bun holder removable crumb tray. Cord length – 0.95 m.

CONTROL: automatic shutdown, the cancellation of the selected program the “stop” button , the “heating” button, the “defrost” button, the rotary switch of frying degrees, the indicators of the modes.

COLOR: stainless steel/black.

SIZES: 160x280x150mm.

WARRANTY: 1 year.

Test results

DESIGN: We are faced with one of the most compact appliances presented in the test. Its design is simple enough and does not pretend to be a luxury, but the device looks neat and quite beautiful. Combination of stainless steel and black plastic – a classic that matches any interior. A little spoiled by the fact that its literally mirror-like metal surface leaves behind fingerprints in the form of unsightly dark spots.

CONTROL PANEL: The control levers and buttons are on the sides, which is not very convenient and creates some confusion because there are a lot of them and they are very small. The grilling level is regulated by a rotary knob and you have to lean over in order to see the right number because the numbers indicating the modes are not written all around the dial, but are inside the knob and only pop up in a special window.

THE FIRST TOAST: toasted in 2 minutes and 8 seconds, that is, the main stage of the test flew very quickly. We put the toaster on 4 out of 6 possible toasting levels and got 2 pieces of toast that were not too evenly toasted, and this unevenness was expressed differently in each piece of bread.

The first side of the toast fried more on one side than the other by side we mean the plane, not the edges of the toast – we’ll talk about those later .

The second piece of toast is fried much more just on one side, the entire perimeter is also very nicely browned, but the center is almost white.

Attempting to fry this slice of bread at the lowest frying level didn’t yield the expected result: the edge that was deep fried simply burned after this procedure. Then we experimented a few more times to see if the first failure was the “first pancake”, but the results were not happy with the stability and evenness.

DEFROST MODE: actuated by pressing a single button. By the way, the results of this process have enthralled us. The bread defrosted and fried very evenly, didn’t burn anywhere, became crispy, but at the same time, it remained soft and not dried out.

HEATING: we put the cooled bread in the toasting slot and chose mode 2. The result is great!

BUNNING HEATER: Pressing a special lever extends the warming rack for bread rolls, croissants and other baked goods. No special mode for this process – you just have to choose the right degree of frying.


DETAILS: The body is thermally insulated, the plastic parts were not heated at all during the test, the metal part of the body got a little hot after the third use, but not so hot that it was possible to burn yourself. To take out toasted bread, you need to lift the lever with your hand – then the toast also rises and you can take it out.

INSTRUCTIONS: folded booklet made of glossy paper. To get to the American text, you have to try hard and fold the brochure in your own way. Here the difficulties of dealing with instructions are over, and the joys begin. Good typeface, clear and concise presentation, competent and structured presentation, covering all areas of toaster use, safety and care – excellent!

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