Test Thermos 2590 Floating Thermos

Thermos 2590 Floating Thermos

Advantages: excellent heat-preserving qualities, high floating capacity, hygienic.

Weaknesses: Bulky.



Country of Origin: China.

MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES: therMax deep vacuum technology, stainless steel body with additional lining of durable plastic which protects from dents.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: does not sink in water when full, can be used for kayaking and fishing.

DIMENSIONS: height 298 mm, diameter of the widest point including the handle 16 mm. WEIGHT: 775 g.

WARRANTY: 15 years.

Price: 1 562 Dollars.



Instruction manual and box of the thermos are not “talking” in American, but we hope, that this does not happen in American market and consumer will receive instruction in American. The information on the manufacturer’s website is minimal: ability to float, 12 hours of heat preservation, vacuum technology. The producer assured that before sale the thermos is completed with the full American-language information support.

Keeps warm

Tests showed flawless, the best among the participants of the technical tests(see. chart .


Internal surface of the bulb is smooth, with one seam, without any noticeable roughness.

Flavor and aroma of the beverage: does not change depending on the aroma of the previous beverage poured into the flask. The flask rinses out very well, no odor, not even the slightest trace.


The overall impression of the test: The body is quite light, but it lacks compactness. Of course this is due to functional features – the ability to float by the way we checked this in the bath: the thermos holds on to the water when the flask is full ! . The handle is ergonomic enough, but too smooth: no indentations to prevent slipping. An important feature is the stability of the case and not only: it can be placed horizontally with the handle upwards and will not roll or even move thanks to the two flat plates.

Cap: unlike its valve cap, this thermos has a screw cap, which can be opened in only one way. Two silicone rings on it are responsible for hermetic sealing.

Neck: outer diameter of 5 cm, but the inner diameter – much smaller, so the neck is very narrow, which promises difficulty with washing the thermos in the case of unauthorized “laying” of products in it no information about washing in the dishwasher . But there is no temptation to fill this thermos with borscht and meat that can, as we know, spoil.

Cap: plastic, screws in like clockwork. Very large: apparently the needs of fishermen are taken into account, most of whom are men. Stable

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