Test Tablet 3Q QOO! Suusa Tablet PC AZ1007A

The new 3Q Surf AZ1007A tablet computer is a development of the successful series of tablets with 10 inch screen. According to the manufacturer: thin and lightweight 10-inch tablet based on modern Intel Atom Z670 processor, equipped with popular wireless interfaces and HD screen. The pre-installed Windows 7 operating system provides a familiar user interface, as well as compatibility with a variety of USB-peripherals and specialized applications.

Computers & Peripherals

Technical Specifications

As usual, we start with a standard list of technical specifications:

The operating system is Windows 7

Processor/chipset -Intel Atom Z670 1500 MHz


Built-in memory – 32GB

MicroSDHC memory card support, up to 32 GB


Screen 10.1″, 1366×768

Touch screen – two-point multitouch


Wi-Fi support, Wi-Fi 802.11n

Bluetooth support – yes, Bluetooth 3.0 HS

The SIM card type is mini SIM regular SIM

Mobile Internet – 3G


Built-in speaker

Built-in microphone – is


Front camera – yes, 1.3 million pixels.

GPS receiver – is

Automatic screen orientation – yes

Sensors – accelerometer, light sensor

Connecting to a computer via USB – is

Connecting external devices via USB – yes

Connecting to TV/Monitor – mini HDMI

Audio/headphone output – yes

Microphone input – yes


Working time – 6 h

Battery capacity – 3800 mAh

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions DxWxD 268x174x14 mm

Weight 750 grams


The tablet is sold in a fairly large cardboard box cheerful corporate design. Includes charger and mini-USB cable in addition to the tablet itself. The tablet itself is packed in a non-woven cloth envelope.

The choice of additional accessories for the tablet is up to the user, but the market is full of cases and bags for ten-inch tablets.

Computers and peripherals

First impressions

The case design is made in the traditional for the modern tablets manner: glossy black plastic, glossy screen with anti-reflective coating, framed not too wide frame.

On the front panel, in addition to the screen there is a frontal video camera above the screen if you hold the tablet horizontally , “chrome” logo QOO! And three hardware control keys:

  • The “Home” button that minimizes and maximizes the application window like Win+M in desktop Windows
  • “Menu”, the analog of Win button on the keyboard, brings up the main menu
  • The “Fn” switch gives you access to the sound control panel, HDMI external monitor connection settings, screen brightness, Wi-Fi and the on/off switch to rotate screen automatically depending on the orientation of the tablet.
  • On the bottom left side there are speakers of acceptable quality, of course, if you do not expect them to Hi-Fi- sound. In principle the capabilities of the speaker are enough to play Windows system sounds and movie soundtracks. Music, of course, is better to listen through headphones.

    Moreover, on the top end of the tablet there is a standard 3.5 mm mini-jack. In addition to the headphone jack at the top of the tablet are the power connector, a mini-USB to communicate with a full-size USB-A, which can connect at least a flash drive, a mouse and keyboard. On the same place is a port mini-HDMI, as well as slots for microSD microSDHC and SIM-rfhns for models with 3G .

    On the right end has a power switch the “slider” and a “thumbwheel” volume control.

    Overall, the tablet makes a favorable impression: a very clear and fairly bright screen, sleek design. Although the weight of the device still can not be called small, by the way, weighing showed the weight of 768 g, this weight is not particularly comfortable to hold on the weight of even a quarter of an hour.

    Computers and peripherals


    3Q AZ1007A tablet is based on the Intel Atom Z670 processor.

    Intel Atom Z670 is a single-core processor, designed especially for tablets. It is a “system on a chip” SoC and has an integrated Intel GMA 600 graphics card and a built-in DDR2-800 memory controller single-channel, maximum 2 GB . This CPU is built with 45nm technology. This processor only consumes 3 watts, so it can be installed without a cooler. Atom Z670 supports only 32-bit computing and does not support hardware virtualization.

    Actually the processor is quite decent in daily work and office applications: the system interface is responsive, scrolling is smooth, video up to Full HD is played smoothly without noticeable brakes.

    Tablet 3Q AZ1007A is equipped with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of flash memory, which in the presence of a slot for microSDHC memory cards up to 32 GB can be considered quite acceptable for everyday use.

    The front camera is quite decent for video calls: in good light the picture is quite clear, but in bad light it shows “mugging” and the sharpness drops down noticeably. The best thing to photograph with this camera is yourself.

    Computers & Peripherals

    In terms of communication capabilities 3Q AZ1007A is equipped to the glory. The tablet has a Wi-Fi module with 802.11 b/g/n as well as Bluetooth 3.0+HS. In addition, this model is capable of accessing the Internet via 3G third-generation mobile networks. For this, the device, of course, need to install a SIM card.

    A mobile device is only valuable if it can serve its owner “in the field” long enough. In order to give the tablet 3Q AZ1007A autonomy, the developers have equipped it with a lithium polymer battery 3800 mAh. Battery charge enough for about 5.5-6 hours of office activity.

    When using the tablet for working with texts in MS Word and surfing around with Mozilla Firefox browser via Wi-Fi, the battery lasted for 5 hours. 25 min.

    Full HD video playback shrinks to 4 hours and 10 minutes with wireless interfaces turned off.

    The unfortunate consequence of using desktop Windows is quite high standby power consumption: about 7-8% overnight.

    In addition, I have noticed a strange feature of the tablet: if it is “left to itself”, it naturally “falls asleep” after some time, and in a few minutes shuts down completely. Characteristically, the next time you start Windows, it “swears” that the previous session was terminated incorrectly. If you put the tablet to sleep forcibly, it’s okay, it stays there until the next power on or until the battery runs out.



    Software and usage

    The main “feature” 3Q AZ1007A is that it works under the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, that is the familiar to the vast majority of computer users desktop system.

    Although the manufacturer says that the tablet can run other operating systems, including Meego, Android x86, and apparently Linux although the latter has not been officially announced , nevertheless the basic delivery of the tablet comes pre-installed Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium.

    This is both the advantage and disadvantage of the tablet. On the one hand, native “to pain” interface and the ability to run Windows programs probably the latter is a key feature . On the other hand – to use the tablet with Windows, especially overhanging, is not very convenient, especially when compared to tablets running mobile OS Android and iOS .

    Whichever way, the interface of the modern desktop system “confined” to a fairly large screen today it is almost impossible to buy a computer monitor with a diagonal of less than 17 inches and a 10-inch screen, all the controls look very small.

    In addition, the main means of control in Windows has always been a mouse, and this is a fairly precise positioning device.

    So you’ll have to get used to your Windows tablet in any case. Hitting the tiny buttons and scrollbars with your finger is awkward when you’re not used to it!

    And besides Windows programs have always been famous for their “voracious” to resources, so you should not expect that all sorts of “heavy” programs like Photoshop, Autocad, or Matlab will “fly” on the tablet.

    Computers and peripherals



    3Q AZ1007A is a good-quality tablet with a quality screen and a processor, which is not weak by the standards of tablets. Thanks to an extensive arsenal of networking capabilities, able to provide its owner access to the World Wide Web from virtually anywhere. Using a desktop version of MS Windows 7 gives you access to the widest range of programs written for desktops running on a family of Windows operating systems.


    The presence of Windows 7 OS is not only an advantage of the 3Q AZ1007A tablet, but also its disadvantage. The familiar operating system, originally designed to work on desktops and laptops with large batteries, not particularly shy in power consumption. Therefore, in order to ensure an acceptable battery life, the developers had to install in 3Q AZ1007A high-capacity battery, which affected the weight of the device.

    Despite the best efforts of the developers, Windows is not very comfortable to work on a 10-inch touch screen, especially when you need to press the small buttons on the go.


    3Q AZ1007A fits perfectly into the niche of tablets running Microsoft Windows OS. If you really believe that you need the ability to run desktop applications on a mobile device, and you are willing to accept all the features associated with touch control on a relatively small screen, the tablet 3Q AZ1007A – very good choice, and on the price performance ratio – one of the best in the market.

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