Test straightener VITEK VT-8410BK Crystal

Without “straighteners” to straighten the hair many girls can not imagine their life. Let’s see how convenient and functional Vitek VT-8410BK Crystal rectifier is.


Price: 1990 Dollars.

Functionality: 9 temperature control modes 150 – 230°C . Step – 10 degrees.

Control: LCD display, power on indication, set temperature indication, automatic shut off after 60 minutes.

Power: 45W.

Features: Heating elements PTC Heating Technology.

Extra. Convenience: lengthened “floating” plates Tourmaline ceramic, cord with 360° rotation, cord length 180 cm, section 2×0.75 mm2, loop for hanging.

Accessories: concentrator, transformer, round brush, stiff bristle brush, “style guide.

Dimensions: 363x78x60 mm. Weight: 0.46 kg.

Warranty: 1 year. Service life: 3 years.

Country of Origin: PRC.


straightener vitek

Slim, stylish Vitek VT-8410BK rectifier is a part of Crystal series, which is emphasized by a pattern on the outside of the case.

Color scheme – black with gold. The hair straightener looks strict and luxurious.

The plastic cover is smooth and pleasant to the touch.


VITEK VT-8410BK Crystal

  • The Vitek VT-8410BK has a color display.
  • To turn the straightener on and to turn it off, you need to hold your finger on the button for a few seconds. No need to press the button. This can be considered an additional measure of protection against accidental activation of the device, for example, by curious kids.
  • When you turn on the display starts flashing “200 ° C”. This is the default temperature. With the + and – buttons you can raise or lower the temperature of the plates. These buttons respond to a light touch, one step is 10 ° C.
  • On the back side of the body there is a mechanical latch. Straightener “opens” simply, just swipe your finger. But to close the device, you need to apply a certain force, otherwise the lock will not click.


    Hair flatters are often used by stylists in high-end salons. Before getting a haircut they straighten hair to evenly cut every hair and please the client with a perfect result.

    The main advantage of the Vitek VT-8410BK – “floating” plates.

    The plate is attached to the base on shock absorbers, which spring the entire plate, allowing to change the angle relative to the base by 2 – 3 mm. It provides a more gentle treatment of the hair when straightening strands.

    The large area of the plates allows you to straighten a sufficiently large strand of hair at once, which reduces the total time of the procedure.

    Heating elements PTC Heating Technology quickly stabilize the temperature, the plates do not overheat and the hair is not dried out.

    The cord in the place of attachment to the body is wrapped in a durable braid that protects it from damage, it rotates 360 degrees, allowing freedom of movement. As with the other appliances, the cord is the same length and thickness as other similar ones.

    I note that this rectifier has a convenient wide loop for hanging. This is important if you plan to store the straightener by hanging it on a wall hook.


vitek control

Wide temperature range for different hair straightening applications.

Manufacturers give these recommendations:

  • Damaged, dyed, bleached, thin hair: +150°C to +180°C.
  • Normal hair: +180°C to +210°C.
  • For professional styling: from +210 ° C to +230 ° C.

If the hair is already dyed or chemically permed, it is recommended to use the device only occasionally.

Tested by

  • Checking out the features

Time of heat-up to 200 ° C – 30 sec.

  • Checking the work

3 girls with different hair long thick curly hair, long straight thick dyed, medium length non-dyed used this straightener for a month.


The straightener glides easily through my hair. Large area of the plates allows you to process a wide strand of hair at once.


The default temperature is very high, it suited only one girl in the group, the others had to reduce the value so as not to dry out the hair.

The bottom line

Vitek VT-8410BK

Vitek VT-8410BK straightener copes well with its main task: straightens hair, gives your hair a neat and well-groomed look.

A wide temperature range allows you to choose the optimum mode for any hair type and condition.

Convenient operation: the display clearly shows the current temperature mode, the buttons respond to every touch, pressing them does not damage the manicure.

The straightener looks very stylish and is a pleasure to use.

“Floating” plates of increased area, wide temperature range, convenient design.

Strongly heats the body, especially when using temperatures of 200 ° C.

consumer recommends 2019

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