Test robot Scarlett SC-MR83B99: to wash the floor of his vocation

March 8 is coming – time for spring gifts. Give your loved ones the gift of carelessness and free time: Scarlett SC-MR83B99 will wash the floor, and you can walk around and not waste time cleaning.


Vacuum cleaners

The good thing about our time is that it brings simple solutions to complicated problems. The army of home helpers added a very interesting device Scarlett SC-MR83B99. It does not even have a name yet, so some sellers position this gadget as a robot vacuum cleaner. But Scarlett SC-MR 83B99 is not a vacuum cleaner, and it is important to understand this, so as not to be disappointed.

Vacuum Cleaners

The Scarlett SC-MR83B99 is a robotic dishwasher that wipes or sweeps the floors of your home on its own.

How it works?

A microfiber cloth is attached to the bottom of the unit, and a flat water container is placed on top. We press the power button: the robot moves along the floor, wiping it with a rag, which, in addition, collects dust and dirt from the floor. If the tank is filled with water and you use a white rag, the robot is wet cleaning the floor. In the water, if desired, you can add a special detergent that you use when cleaning the floors

If the blue cloth is installed and the tank is empty, the robot just collects dust and dirt.

After cleaning, the cloth is easy to remove, it needs to be rinsed to use the next time.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners

How the rag attaches to the device?

Everything is simple – you put a cloth on the floor, smooth side up, and place the vacuum cleaner on top: secure Velcro strips hold it firmly to the bottom of the device.

How does humidification happen??

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Water from the reservoir would get on the rag in small portions all the time while mopping the floor. To do this, the robot base has two special holes where the reservoir is installed two rag wicks, they moisten the rag during cleaning the floor.

How it moves?

One step forward – turn, one step backward – turn, and a little bit forward. If you put on music, it sounds like a robot dance: lots of twists and turns. The robot’s movements seem to be chaotic, but this workflow lets it move long distances on its own. If you start the washer in the kitchen, after an hour you can find it in the farthest corner of the room, where it will wipe the floor with dust, following a route that only he knows.


Bypassing obstacles

Scarlett SC-MR83B99 is very maneuverable. Thanks to its round shape and back and forth movement it can easily get out of different hard to reach places. I especially challenged the robot to perform difficult tasks, like making it wipe the floor under the kitchen table. Even in a tight cluster of 16 furniture legs 3 chairs + table with a sofa next door, the robot slowly but surely found a way out of this obstacle course and went to wipe the floor in the hall.

The main thing is not to interfere with it. It would drive up to one chair leg, stop, go back, where it came in contact with the other chair leg, turn around a little and drive forward, repeating this path until it came out from under the table. And at the same time, he washes, washes, washes the floor all the time.

The border between hallway tiles and hardwood flooring is difficult for the cleaning robot to move freely, but it learned how to cope with it, and went on to explore the floor space of the apartment. But it couldn’t get on the rug with the cat food on it. And that’s a good thing, because unlike the live turtle that lives in my house, Scarlett doesn’t flip a bowl of water onto the floor.

Vacuum cleaners

Cleaning time/charging time

Battery charge lasts for 2.5 to 3 hours of work. On several occasions I encountered the robot going silent, I walked over, pressed the power button, and it would work again for another 40 minutes to an hour. What the robot stops, I do not understand.

Since the robot moves chaotically, we can’t say that it will mop the entire floor of the apartment, but it collects a lot of dust and dirt.

Charging the device is fast enough – 2 hours and the robot is ready to clean.

Ideal, for example, to start it up and go for a walk with the baby or to go shopping.

It’s nice to know that while you’re out walking, a little robot is making your house cleaner.


Remember “Adventures of Electronics”: “Everyone has a button”. Scarlett SC-MR83B99 is no exception.

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All controls: power on, off, indication – on one button on the body. To set it in motion, you press the button twice and wait a couple of seconds and it will start moving.

You also need to push the button to turn the robot off. If you press quickly, it will go into pause mode, if you hold your finger on the button for a few seconds, the robot will turn off.

The light steadily “glows” when the robot is ready to use when it is at the limit of its power and during recharging, the light flashes. It’s simple. If you pick up the robot when it’s running, it stops working right away, the motion-safety sensors kick in.


The noise level of the robot is not high, the strength and timbre are similar to those of a bumblebee that gets entangled in a curtain. You can go about your business in one room while the other room is being cleaned without you.

Into every nook and cranny

Thanks to its compact size Scarlett SC-MR83B99 easily wipes floors where it is usually difficult to collect dust in traditional ways: it penetrates and travels under TV tables, cabinets and sofas. And that’s one of the device’s big advantages!

Vacuum cleaners

No puddles

Using the Scarlett SC-MR83B99 to pick up liquids is prohibited by the instruction manual. To wipe up a puddle, he is not trained. But it doesn’t leave puddles either: water is super-saving, and the cloth doesn’t get wet, but stays wet during the entire cleaning cycle. So you can trust the robot to clean even the most expensive parquet.

No scratches

The device is devoid of sharp angles, moves smoothly, without jerks, so it is safe for furniture. Large wheels that come into contact with the floor when moving the robot are smooth and soft-coated, protecting the floor surface from even microscratches.

The height test

3 pairs of sensors on the bottom of the device for fall protection. It is clear that most of us live in apartments where there is no height difference. But the Scarlett SC-MR83B99 staircase is also in no danger of falling down. I tried it out – if it goes over the edge, it stops right away. In general, will not break or run away.

Test results

Hardware for the home

  • Scarlett SC-MR83B99 – not a magician. It can not replace an invited specialist from a cleaning company and will not do for you a general cleaning in the house. But it can help you keep things tidy, wipe down floors, pick up dirt, and generally improve your quality of life.
  • It can be used on a daily basis, since it works independently of you and spends its own time, not yours.

Even a seemingly clean room Scarlett SC-MR83B99 collects enough dust, and the snow-white rag after cleaning becomes black. Scarlett SC-MR83B99 perfectly “crawls” into such crevices, where not every vacuum cleaner can reach, so the robot is easy to use to clean the space under the couch or closet.

  • The two rags in the kit, indeed, perform different tasks. Blue – better retains dust and dirt, collecting it on its surface. A white rag can also “lose” debris on the way, so it’s best used for sweeping a swept floor.

In general, it is a useful device – an additional cleaner in the house, which does not require special and long maintenance, economically consumes electricity, does not take much space, itself costs inexpensive, which is also important.

The robot looks good, “high quality” package, so it can be a useful gift to relatives.

Scarlett SC-MR83B99



Price: 5 599 Dollars.

Power: 5W.

Power: AC/DC adapter, charging time 2 hours, battery life – about 3 hours. Battery: Ni-MH AA 800 mAh.

Control: a button with an indicator.

Technology: 3 pairs of sensors to protect against falling.

Accessories: cloth for wet cleaning, cloth for dry cleaning.

Water tank 260 ml.

Dimensions: 85x260x260 mm. Weight 1,2 kg.

Warranty: 1 year. Service life: 2 years.

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