Test Review of the Candy All Floors Vacuum Cleaner CAF2002 019

Vacuum cleaners are a new market segment for the Candy brand, so it’s fun to test them out. Especially since we got the most powerful vacuum cleaner in the Candy All Floors line for the test.

Candy CAF2002 019


We did not expect at all that the courier would bring such a small box. Candy All FloorsCAF2002 019 is small, a little smaller than a cat. We don’t think the baby can do a good job on a big two bedroom apartment. Let’s see if he can cope with the hair and dust.

cat and candy


Candy CAF2002 019 nozzles

The set includes three attachments:

  • Basic universal floor/mop brushMultiFloors Plus with retractable bristles. Suitable for both smooth floors and carpets. Switchable by pushing a button with your foot. 26 cm wide and 3 cm high.
  • This floor brush has two rows of bristles and castors on each side. Suitable for floors that need to be handled with care.

Candy CAF2002 019 slot

  • The 2-in-1 nozzle: a crevice nozzle for cleaning corners and hard-to-reach places and a brush for removing dust from bookshelves frames, pictures, keyboards and other delicate surfaces.

Vacuum cleaner has no storage space dop. nozzles, we need to allocate them a place in the pantry.

Test # 1. Vacuuming the floor

Used the universal floor/mopper attachment for laminate flooring and carpets.

  • The low height made it easy to vacuum underneath cabinets and couches. It penetrates even the four centimeter gap between the couch and the floor. With its help, together with the dust from the nooks and crannies, we managed to get out all the toys of our cat.
  • To complicate the task, in the middle of the room we scattered groats, threads, small pieces of paper on the floor. Candy All Floors CAF2002 019 got it all together on the first try. Squeeze! And done! I didn’t have to drive it over the same spot several times while vacuuming.



The Candy was much more powerful than you might think.

After cleaning narrow spaces with it, we found a few Lego pieces in the dust container, coins that my, larger vacuum cleaner ignored while cleaning.

Bottom line

Candy All Floors CAF2002 019 easily picks up trash from smooth surfaces. It’s got plenty of power and punch.

Candy CAF2002 019 and a Hoover

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Test # 2. Vacuuming the carpet

To clean a carpet with a 3 cm pile height, move the multi-floors nozzle to the appropriate position.

A furry cat lives in the house and “helps” litter.

To complicate the test, we threw the previously collected litter and hair from the vacuum cleaner on the carpet.

We had to reduce the suction power to keep the carpet from being sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

Bottom line

4 square meter area rug. we vacuumed in a couple of minutes.

Candy All FloorsCAF2002 019 cleans high pile, heavy soiled carpets with the universal brush.

Candy CAF2002 019

Test #3. Vacuuming sofas and corners

The crevice nozzle is 11 cm high and 1 cm wide and fits in very tight places, including between the sofa and the wall.

In one move it can be turned into a dusting brush to clean furniture and pictures.

We got rid of cat hair on the bedspread, vacuumed the couch.

Made the task more difficult – spilled on the table groats.

Candy CAF2002 019

Everything is simple: Just take out the container, press the button, the bottom of the container tilts and the trash itself pours into the bucket.

Candy CAF2002 019 filter

Container capacity is enough for a couple of cleanings.


Vacuum has pre-motor filter and output filter.


It is very easy to remove:

  • First filter: take out the container, empty it, turn the filter clockwise, take out.
  • A second filter can be removed by folding the lid on the back of the vacuum cleaner.

Candy CAF2002 019 Filter

To maintain the optimal performance of the vacuum cleaner manufacturer recommends regular cleaning of the dust filters, without waiting until the container is filled to the max mark.

We washed them with warm water without detergent after every fifth emptying of the container. Filters completely dry in 24 hours.

Measuring the noise level

Like all cyclones, the Candy All FloorsCAF2002 019 is not quiet. When you start cleaning, the cat gets up from its seat and flies out of the room like a bullet.

We measured it with a noise meter and the noise level was 84-86 dB, which is within the norm.

The control


  • There are two big buttons on the body that you can press with your foot: on/off and winding up the cord.
  • When cleaning you need to turn the vacuum cleaner in each room into a new socket.
  • Cord length 5 meters and cleaning radius of 7.5 meters. A very fast winding speed.
  • On the handle there is a valve to reduce the suction power. It has only two fixed positions – “open” and “closed.


The Candy All FloorsCAF2002 019 does not take up much space. Stored neatly horizontally, there is a holder for the tube on the body.

The vacuum cleaner can be carried by the large comfortable handle.

cat and vacuum cleaner


Price: 4290 Dollars.

Power consumption: 2000 watts, suction 250 watts.

Dust canister: plastic with transparent walls, capacity of 1.5 liters.

Filtering: Washable cyclone filter, washable EPA H10 with protective mesh.

Controls: power button on the body, manual power control on the handle, auto winding power cord.

Design: 470/750mm telescopic tube, 5m power cord, 7.5m reach, two big rear wheels, 360° front wheel, carrying handle.

Accessories: MultiFloors Plus Floor Mop/Mopper Parquet Floor Mop 2-in-1 Brush Dust/Brush.

Dimensions HxWxH : 385x275x265 mm.

Mass: 4.1 kg.

Warranty: 1 year.

Country of Origin: PRC.

Candy vacuum cleaner


Candy All FloorsCAF2002 019 Cheap and powerful vacuum cleaner. Great for busy people as it is easy to operate and maintain, cleans quickly and well. Maneuverable thanks to the 360 degree rotating front wheel. Great for cleaning, even in homes with cats.

Not always stable because of the light weight 4.1 kg . Noisy.

the consumer recommends

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