Test pedicure device GÉzatone 118 D Tornado

Model works with 3 small “finger” batteries – no wires, all convenient and simple. Contains two interchangeable cylindrical abrasive rollers of different colors and hardness designed for different skin types: blue more hard for normal skin, and magenta less abrasive for extra sensitive skin. The device can be used by either one person both rollers can be used on different parts of the feet or two, with different skin types, and use different rollers. You can also buy a set of 3 or 5 cone-shaped attachments for cuticle and nail care. It was not supplied with the device and we have not tested it.

Pedicure sets

Pedicure sets

Device for pedicures G&Eacute The zatone 118 D Tornado


POWER: 3 AAA batteries.

WORKING SPEED: 2 max. 30 rpm.

INGREDIENTS: 2 rollers for normal and sensitive skin , cleaning brush, protective cap for roller, case for replacement roller, storage bag. Optionally: you can buy receive as a gift when purchasing the device during special promotions a set of tips 3 or 5 pieces for manicure and pedicure, price – about 500/670 Dollars.


BRAND: France.

WARRANTY: 1 year, lifetime 5 years.

PRICE: 2999 Dollars.


Powered by 3 little “finger” batteries – no wires, it’s quick and easy. Included 2 removable cylindrical abrasive rollers of different colors and hardness designed for different skin types: blue harder – for normal skin, and purple with a lesser degree of abrasion – for a particularly sensitive. Can be used by one person both rollers can be used on different parts of the feet or by two, with different skin types. You can also buy a set of 3 or 5 cone-shaped extensions to take care of your cuticles and nails. We didn’t have a set like this with the device, so we didn’t test it.

Manufacturer’s comment: now if you buy this model in a brand store a set of cone nozzles comes as a gift with the device.

But it was a problem to buy interchangeable pedicure heads-rollers at the time of creation. But the situation changes if you want this particular device – look in advance where you can buy consumables.

They are very easy to put on and take off.

The model is absolutely safe: if the skin is pressed too hard, it shuts off automatically. No risk of injury. But at the expense of this device does not work quickly: to process one foot, for which, say, not taken care of for 10 days, you need 20-30 minutes. For the care of one foot takes 4-5 minutes if it is a supporting procedure, that is, the feet have already been fully treated 3-4 days ago, and there are no serious blisters and corns.

The instruction does not allow you to hold the roller in one place longer than 2-3 seconds, but then you can return to the treated place if you notice that the result has not yet achieved. Practice showed that it is necessary to use this electric saw for a week – then there will be good results, and then you can just maintain them.

The roller is quite wide, 45 mm, and its cylindrical shape allows it to work on the whole surface convex rollers, for example, have only the center of the roller working . It has two speeds, but we didn’t have to work with the first one: it just slows down or shuts down if you press lightly on the skin with the roller. This is normal and deliberately provided for safety reasons, so that one does not injure oneself.

The noise level is not too high, and you can enjoy both the care procedure and your favorite movie, for example.

The instruction forbids to wet the roller attachments, they have to be cleaned with the included brush, but the “head” itself can be washed separately from the body – it is removable, as most shavers and epilators, this is convenient.

Like all battery powered devices, the G&eacute zatone 118 D has no battery level indicator, you should always have some extra batteries at home. No backlighting, although you’d expect it in this price category.

We would like to emphasize a very compact size: the body of the model is 2.5 cm lower and 0.5 cm narrower than that of a similar device in our test, while the dimensions of the roller attachments are absolutely the same.

For self-care

Sets for pedicure


And here is one of the performance reviews:

“The device suited me and my daughter perfectly: I used different nozzles, I, as a more honored “stompy” – a blue roller for normal skin, and my daughter, a creature of youth and delicacy – a beautiful purple nozzle with less graining, designed for sensitive skin. Both my daughter and I were surprised to learn that it was the dry keratinized skin that had to be removed, because we were used to getting our feet wet and this kind of treatment in the bathtub first.

My daughter had no questions or problems, it was quick and easy to use – it seems she has better skin on her feet than I do. On my heels, the roller occasionally slowed down and even shut off. It was frustrating: I take regular care of my feet, but is my skin so tough?? Perhaps if it were not for the editorial job, I would have given up this endeavor: the case was moving slowly, and I am by nature a very energetic person, to sit through 20 minutes, grinding one foot, it is very difficult for me! But now I’m thankful for the device and the editor, who made me spend a week on my feet: now I have them “anywhere, even to Antalya – and so on”. By the way, I did not need the first speed – as it is slow, I did all procedures on the second speed and so did my daughter. It’s a pity to return the device, I want to maintain the result, and I’m thinking about buying this or a similar gadget.

Safety very compact design the ability to use two members of the family rollers of varying degrees of hardness for different skin types the ability to buy an additional set of tips for manicure and pedicure.

No backlight.

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