Test of the STARWIND SMG2481 electric multi-food grinder

The minced meat offered in the stores may not be of sufficient quality because, unfortunately, not all vendors use fresh meat for preparation. But electric meat grinders easily solve this problem.

The STARWIND SMG2481 meat grinder is compact and inexpensive.

Our test will show what this baby can do.

STARWIND SMG2481 Electric Mincer

The features

Price: 1990 Dollars.

Power: rated 300 watts, the maximum power – 1800 watts.

Power Capacity: not specified.

Functionality: preparation of minced meat, fish, poultry, sausages and kebabs. Not suitable for chopping hard foods and nuts.

Mode of operation: continuous operating time of 5 min., 10 min break.

Control: start button on the body off, on, reverse , the direction button on the back of the body, the lock button for the working chamber.

Accessories: 3 perforated discs 3, 5, 7 mm , kebbe nozzle, sausage nozzle.

Features: plastic meat tray, feet with suction cups, cord – 2×0.5 mm2,

cord length – 0.9 m, plug – 2.5 A, voltage 250 V.

Dimensions: 22h18,5×13,5 cm working chamber – hole for meat 4.2 cm, length to auger 9 cm, wall thickness of 2 mm.

Warranty: 1 year. Service life: 3 years.

Country of Origin: China.

Electric meat grinder STARWIND SMG2481/

Construction and design

If one word to describe the STARWIND SMG2481 electric multi-food grinder, it would be to describe it as compact.

Meat grinder does not take up much space, even in the smallest kitchen, it is easy to take with you to the country house and there pamper the family home cutlets and sausages.

Housing finished in white plastic. The meat tray is made of the same material. Control buttons, cooking chamber holder and base made of black plastic. This makes the meat grinder looks more interesting and austere.

No carrying handle, the grinder has to be carried by holding the body.

The device stands firmly on the table during operation thanks to the rubber suction cups on the legs.

Electric grinder STARWIND SMG2481


  • Assembly and disassembly

If you follow the instructions, then the electric mincer STARWIND SMG2481 must first install an empty working chamber, and only then send in place the auger, knife, disk and nut. But in principle you can put the assembled working unit at once.

You need to bring it to the body, press the lock button, insert it, turn it counterclockwise by 90 degrees.

The whole procedure takes two seconds.

To remove the working unit, you need to press the button again, turn clockwise and pull out.

  • Ring nut

Comfortable, with wide ledges, it is easy to remove even with wet hands.

  • Care

Everything is traditional: the body of the meat grinder, as well as all electric devices, can not be lowered into the water. But it is possible and even necessary to wipe it with a soft cloth to keep its whiteness. All the nozzles, discs, knife, nut, etc.d. Hand wash with a normal detergent.

Immediately wipe dry the perforated discs or they may get rusty

Like all mincers




The STARWIND SMG2481 has a three-position switch on the housing.

Middle position – off, lower – on, upper – reverse.

The inscriptions on the key in English O/ON/R are doubled with signatures in American, which are printed on the body of the device.

An interesting feature: on the back of the case is a two-position switch On R. There is no information about its function in the manual, just the name “directional button”.

When I asked, the experts at the manufacturing company confirmed that this switch should be used when turning in reverse rotation in the opposite direction . It turns out that you have to stop the grinder first, switch the rear switch and then press the button in the R position.

Electric meat grinder STARWIND_SMG2481



No promises and loud statements

and it pleased me, I do not understand this “run” for records, which in normal circumstances is not so important. Well, in fact, whether it’s so fundamental, in a minute you make a kilogram of minced meat or a minute and a half


Spinning on the electric meat grinder STARWIND SMG2481 and pork, beef and turkey.

On average, one kilogram of meat the meat grinder turns into minced meat for ~ a minute and fifteen seconds.

That’s not a bad result.

In one continuous operating session 5 min. can process up to 5 kg of meat.

Minced meat quality

Stuffing comes out evenly, not squeezed out when processing any kind of meat.

Both soft pork and lean beef come out evenly, in long “strips”.

The manual states that the multi-food grinder is not intended to grind solid foods, but aside from nuts, it does not specify what is considered solid. One of the challenges was making bolognese sauce, for which in addition to onions and celery, I chopped carrots.

The meat grinder handled this task without any problems.


After each shredding of meat, I took apart the meat grinder, took out the auger and gathered in a lump all the remains of meat that was not spun. Of course, their number depends on the grade of meat, but in all cases the remainder was no more than a teaspoon.

This is a very good result!


The manufacturers indicated a power consumption of 300 watts and a peak of 1600 watts.

For all the time the test made mince from different types of meat more than 10 times electric mincerSTARWIND SMG2481 never reached peak values, measurements showed from 170 to 350 watts.

The only thing I noticed is that the body of the device heats up during operation.

STARWIND SMG2481 electric meat grinder

Cooking sausages

If you like sausages, cold cuts, then buy a meat grinder with a sausage-making attachment. It is very easy to make them yourself, and the shell can be bought in many supermarkets and stores.

Sausage is prepared in 2 steps.

First you prepare the mince using one of the perforated discs. Then you salt and pepper the stuffing, you can add your favorite spices, grated cheese, etc., whatever you like. Professional chefs recommend adding water to make the mince more elastic.

And after that you can start making sausages.

STARWIND SMG2481 Electric Mince Grinder

I did not put on the perforated disc

Although the instructions show it

, but the knife left you can try without it .

I put the prepared casing on the nozzle, put the first portion of minced meat into the charging door, put the mincer on – and the process went.

Of course, much depends on the quality of the casing, but it was with this meat grinder I made a long sausage: the casing did not tear, the stuffing did not accumulate at the “exit” from the nozzle.

Periodically had to turn off the grinder to evenly distribute the stuffing on the casing, and then cooking sausage continued.

Noise level

When turning on the grinder noise level rose to 90 dB without it – 45-50 dB .

The meat grinder can not be called quiet, it showed the same results as many other participants in the test.

The nuances

The package includes a nozzle for making kebbe. As part of a comparative test, I have not tested its work, but if you want you can diversify the family menu by cooking delicious stuffed fried kebbe.

Test results

Electric meat grinder STARWIND

Electric mincer STARWIND SMG2481 successfully copes with preparation of minced meat of any kind.

The speed of meat processing is not the greatest, taking into account the total time of the mincer without a break, but it is enough to use in an average family.

Stuffing is of high quality, leaving very little residue on the auger.

The mincer is very compact, it easily finds a place in the kitchen of any size, in addition, it is convenient to take it with you to the country house.

The body of the multi-food grinder gets warm during operation.

The consumer recommends

We test, you buy the best

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